Discover Your INBORN Blocks to Love (and how to Overcome Them) – And Spiritual Tools to Ramp Up Your Relationships…

After a few years of doing private astrology readings, it got so I could just glance at an astrology chart and know if the person was single… and why.

You see, we all have inborn personality patterns that can be seen in the stars. And – if you’re single or have challenging relationships, it may be because you were born into an “astrological archetype” that are causing you to behave, communicate, and interact with others in specific ways that are contributing to it all… but you likely don’t have a clue, and don’t know how to shift beyond this limiting way of living and loving.

The good news is that once you know which of the archetypes is yours you can break free of it – you just need to know how. Included in this report is:
  • An overview of the archetypes – the unique gifts and challenges of each
  • A step-by-step guide to run your own astrology chart and diagnose your archetype
  • Techniques you can work with again and again, to counsel friends and loved ones (and figure out your own romantic candidates or partners!)
  • Powerful action steps to break free of its grasp and shift things for the better
  • What kind of partner each requires (know who to date and who to avoid from now on)
  • Powerful recommended resources for each archetype, to lock in the awareness and healing forever
So learn to understand, forgive, and support yourself like never before, and become the best version of yourself possible – and dramatically increase your chances for lasting love!

Plus, receive the bonus report, Shazam – Ancient Vedic Spiritual Tricks To Ramp Up Your Love Life

Ancient India is the birth place of many of the most popular ‘New-Age’ tricks and tools passed down for thousands of years and still used today – and the reason is, they work! Learn ancient spiritual tools you’ve likely not heard of before, to increase your ‘love frequency,’ heal your heart, and lure love to you…

In this report you’ll learn:
  • Love Mantras
  • The Healing Power of Gemstones
  • Ancient Vedic Blessing Ceremonies – And How You Can Get Yours
  • A Ritual That Will Break Your Attachment to Past Love
  • The #1 Way To Improve Your Karma (According to The Buddha)
  • … and more.

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