Discover How To Make A Man Feel an Intense Spiritual Connection With You…The Kind of Soulmate “Knowing” That Lasts A Lifetime

Attraction isn’t about how you look, the best way to flirt, dress or physically connect with a man. To truly connect with a man so he knows that you’re “the one,” you need to create a spiritual attraction. I’ll teach you the astrological and real-world secrets to creating that spiritual attraction so you never have to feel uncertain, disconnected, or lonely ever again.

Attraction is a mysterious thing… I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you.

Sometimes you’ll THINK a man is really attracted to you because you have great chemistry, or you can talk and talk and talk, or you have everything in common – but the relationship goes nowhere…

Or you’ll think a man SEEMS perfect for you because he’s just your type, or he’s all the things you “think” you want “on paper” – and yet, you feel nothing for him…

Or you think you WON’T be attracted to a man, or that he WON’T be attracted to you because you don’t “fit” each other’s picture of who you’re “supposed” to be with… and yet you’ll be inextricably drawn to each other, and unable to stay away (this was me and my hubby – and still is!).

It’s a “knowing” you and a man have about each other, a feeling that it’s just “right” and it’s more important than anything else… Because it comes from deep inside of your very being, telling you “he’s THE ONE.”

Now imagine what it would be like if a man felt that way about YOU.

Forget Your Doubts And Worries. Feel What It’s Like To KNOW You’re Meant For Each Other

Imagine that you and a man KNOW you’re meant for one another, and that your relationship is RIGHT…

What would that be like?


What’s the secret to making a man feel such things?

Many women think the most important thing is what they look like, and assume they have to be the best looking, most fit, or best dressed they can be. Though this can help you get a man’s INITIAL attention, and make him want to sleep with you – that may be all it does…

Other women believe what matters is their personality – that they have to be really funny and smart, or really nice and supportive. And while it’s great to be able to connect with a man through snappy conversation or pleasing behavior – it may only make him want you for a friend or love you like a sister…

Some women assume they have to impress a man with their achievements, education, or successes. While such things may make him want to hire you or have you for a business partner – they won’t make him see “forever” in your eyes…

Here’s the thing: You can blow a man’s mind with your body… You can stimulate his intellect with your brain… You can inspire his respect with your resume… But NONE of that will connect you to his SOUL.

And I’ve talked to MANY men who’ve told me about the women in their lives, and have said things to me like:

“I have the best sex of my life with her… I just know she’s not ‘the one.'”

“I have such a great time talking to her… I just know she’s not my wife.”

“I’m so impressed with everything about her… I just know I’m not ‘supposed’ to be with her for the long term.”

(But the poor women they’re talking about think those things mean he loves her and they’re headed somewhere… like happily ever after… sigh.)

When I was single, men said things like that to me about me… a lot.

My Story – The Good, The Bad, And The Husband…

When I was single I dated like crazy. I made a big effort to find love, often going on two or three dates and set-ups in the same day!

And I was blessed to meet many good men and to get some nice attention.

But because I met tons of men and made a big effort, I inevitably suffered my fair share of rejection. But often only after men SEEMED like they really liked me. (Know the feeling?)

They’d call, they’d flirt, they’d check in… but they’d give me mixed messages. Like they wouldn’t make plans with me until the last minute. Or they’d say they wanted to get together soon but wouldn’t make plans at all. Or they’d make plans only to break them…

I felt so confused.

When I’d ask them what was up, they always replied with some variation of, “Nothing’s wrong with you – I just know you’re not THE ONE.”

One guy who’d come on really strong at first but was soon “too busy” to see me said, “You’re my dream girl and I wish I felt differently – something just doesn’t feel right.”

Another guy who I dated for over a year would be super affectionate one day and withdrawn and grumpy the next. He blew his rent money to get me an amazing custom made necklace for my birthday, only to get me nothing three weeks later for Valentine’s Day. (Not even a card! Can you say CRAZY MAKER?)

When I pressed him about it, he said, “You’re exactly my type. You’re my physical ideal and I’ve never had a woman treat me so well before. I don’t know why, I just know we’re not supposed to spend the rest of our lives together so I don’t want to get too close…”

(By the way – when he met his wife he proposed to her within six weeks…)

Talk about feeling devastated… and utterly helpless! If I was so great, why couldn’t a man really and truly fall in love with me?

I don’t mean to brag when I share the compliments these men gave me – that I was their “dream girl” or “their physical ideal” (’cause trust me – not all men thought such things!). I’m just trying to illustrate that EVEN when a man thinks those things he WON’T WANT YOU if he doesn’t ALSO feel that he’s SUPPOSED to be with you.

Then I met my husband. And we did that “across a crowded room” thing, and I knew in just one look that he was going to be VERY important.

I was NOT his dream girl or his physical ideal – by a mile. (He’d dated women MUCH hotter…)

We did NOT have much in common.

I was NOT what he usually went for at all…

And gee, I should probably mention that he was sure he was NEVER going to get married. To anyone.

He was a hardened bachelor and planned to stay happily that way forever.

There was just one little problem… He says that from the minute we met, I felt like his wife.

And despite giving me the “I’m never going to get married speech” many times in the three years we dated, he later admitted that DESPITE what he’d always planned, he KNEW he was going to marry me.

And then he PROPOSED and told me all he wanted was to get married – that he wasn’t okay anymore with living together (as we’d been happily doing). He KNEW I was his wife, and he HAD to marry me and let the world know as well.

I felt shocked and giddy as he gave me an ultimatum straight out of a romantic comedy-

The confirmed bachelor demanded, “Marry me or let me go”!

How Any Woman Can Make A Man INSIST On Committing His Life To Her

I’m not going to lie to you…

You can’t MAKE a man have that “you’re the only woman in all the world for me” feeling.

It’s an elusive, indefinable, “can’t be bottled or bought” kind of thing.

And yet, there are a few CRITICAL things you can do to DRASTICALLY improve your odds of having a man feel this way about you. (And sometimes he doesn’t know right away – sometimes this feeling “sneaks up” on people.)

Four Things You Must Do To Inspire His Spiritual Attraction

There are many ways you may be virtually guaranteeing that EVEN if a man has an initial WOW reaction to you, he’ll STILL quickly head for the nearest exit… (you can definitely put a stop to that if you know why that happens in the first place…)

There are a few key traits that some women instinctively have about them that are so profound and significant, that they have a WOW affect on LOTS of people, and they can HOLD more than one man’s heart forever. (I’m sure you know a few women like that. I do!)

And I want you to know what they know, and do what they do (without having to change your core, authentic self – in fact, just the opposite), so that you can go from having men go “hot and cold” to “hot and HOTTER” if you choose.

So let me share 4 critical aspects to this “Spiritual Attraction” business…

Secret #1: Access Your Heart Intelligence

Did you know that your heart has its own brain? Science has proven that you have emotional intelligence in your heart, and that the brain makes important emotional decisions only after getting input from the heart…

So the brain doesn’t tell the heart what you think about a man – much of what you think about him is felt first in your heart!

That’s right – the language of poets and spiritual scriptures throughout the ages are all describing something very real when they say, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so shall he be…”

Not only that, but how connected you are to your own heart’s intelligence, and how aligned your choices are with what your heart truly wants has everything to do with how happy you are, and how peaceful you are within yourself.

And this can be felt by everyone around you, whether you intend them to know what you’re feeling or not, and this determines how comfortable others are in your presence, and how attractive you are!

In my new “Astrological Attraction” program, I’ll teach you easy exercises that, in two minutes or less, will allow you to access your own heart’s intelligence and connect more fully with your heart, increasing your happiness, and strengthening your “head/heart” connection to enable you to make the best choices for yourself.

This will help you to more deeply connect with yourself, and feel great “in your own skin.”

Your mood instantly improves. Your anxiety goes down. All that “mind chatter” and noise in your head quiets. Suddenly you know what to do in every area of your life.

Best of all, it’s been proven that when you’re able to access your heart in this way, it can be felt by everyone around you – and it’s contagious. Your happy heart can make even someone standing next to you feel good. Just as your unhappy heart can make a total stranger standing beside you feel bad and not even know why. (I’m not making this up!)

When you don’t know how to connect to your heart, you get bogged down in confusion. Your anxiety increases. Your confidence flounders. You can’t make the best choices for yourself – about anything.

(And you were worried about your hair… )

Secret #2: Have A “Beginner’s Mind”

One of the most attractive things you can do is to have a “Beginner’s Mind.”

This idea from Zen Buddhism recommends that no matter how old you become, how much you think you “know,” or how much experience you have, you should approach life as though you have no past, no baggage, and no expectations…

You drop your pain from the past… any old wounds, disappointments, or hurts…

You interact with a man based on what he’s doing and how he’s being with you – and not because he’s doing something that reminds you of some other man from before, or because you’re afraid he could hurt you, or that he might do something to upset you…

It allows you to open your heart and be vulnerable.

You’ll know the difference between when a man is unknowingly pushing your buttons because of a past fear or when he’s truly behaving badly.

When you don’t have a “Beginner’s Mind” men will easily “step on” your past issues, bringing them up again.

So you’ll confuse them. They’ll be afraid of getting too close. They’ll inexplicably disappear or withdraw.

In my program, I teach you how to adopt a “Beginner’s Mind” whether you’re meeting a man for the first time, or are in a long-term relationship. This will AMPLIFY a man’s ability to relax around you, and therefore feel GOOD with you instantly! And make a man who already loves you, love your more than ever.

(And you were worried about your waistline…)

Secret #3: Activate Your Astrological Attraction Amplifiers

And now for the fun part…

Did you know you were born with INBORN strengths to your personality that make you effortlessly attractive (and ensure that those inner fabulous parts of you are out and about)?

Making you charming, sweet, generous, witty, warm, and more… ah…

But did you also know that you were born with INBORN weaknesses that, when you’re stressed, have a tendency to eclipse your strengths and make you suddenly UNATTRACTIVE?

Making you paranoid, critical, grumpy, cold, depressed, and so much less… arg…

But did you know that you have so much choice about traits you decide to contain and which ones you amplify?

In “Astrological Attraction” I teach you how to read the key planetary “attraction amplifiers” that are the most yummy parts of your personality, that others LOVE about you, that you likely already love about yourself…

And, for the sake of awareness, I’ll teach you how to easily diagnose your own planetary “attraction killers” that are the most yucky parts of your personality, that others DO NOT love about you, that you likely also wish were different.

Why would I want to torture you like that? For a very good reason – with awareness and understanding, you can strengthen the good parts of yourself, and stop being suddenly overtaken by the bad parts.

Seriously, this can all be seen in the stars – and NOT because of what zodiac sign you are, but because of more advanced, little-known combinations known in Vedic astrology as “chastity yogas” that have been looked to for thousands of years to help determine how “marriageable” a woman is.

(And you were worried about your shoes…)

Secret #4: Relate From Your Higher Self

One of the most attractive things you can do is to cultivate the ability to step outside of yourself and objectively observe your own behavior so that you can understand your impact on others – separate from your own needs and desires.

In many spiritual traditions, this is called accessing your “higher self” or your “witness.”

And it’s a wonderful skill to help you be as attractive as possible…

Why? Because over time you’ll become more and more conscious, and you’ll know what you’re doing and why… You won’t be blindly acting and reacting to life like a leaf floating on top of a rushing river.

This will enable you to make better and better choices, and to stop yourself before you do something you’ll perhaps later regret.

Best of all, when a man tells you how you affect him, you’ll understand what he means and you can make adjustments if necessary, and he’ll feel closer to you as a result.

This program will teach you how to cultivate your own “witness” by walking you through a simple, fun exercise to help you rise above any situation and see it for what it is, allowing you to interact with everyone you know (or want to know) from this more aware, awake, wise part of yourself… and be above the drama of it all.

(And you were worried you had food in your teeth…)

Become Irresistibly Attractive To The Man You Want… For All The RIGHT Reasons

I’ve spent years talking to great women who don’t have a clue about their own love lives…

Gorgeous women who are dressed “to the nines” with perfect hair and skin will tell me they get tons of first dates, but few second or third ones (let alone a boyfriend or husband…) and they’re SO uncomfortable and anxious about it, that even I want to run away from their terrible “vibes!” But they have no idea how they affect others…

Nice, sweet women will tell me how confused they are by the “mixed messages” of the man in their life – but I’ll quickly be able to tell that he’s only attracted to PART of her – her sexuality, her conversation, her shared interests – but not ALL of her… so he’ll never be her guy.

Women married or in long relationships will be telling me how great things USED to be with their guy but how blah they’ve become… and I’ll instantly know what they can do to turn it all around and bring him close again… (while they have no idea what’s happened).

Time and again, I’ve wanted to SAVE these women from themselves… and help them stop whatever was going on.

So I’ve decided to create a program about the TRUTH about attraction that can help any woman of any relationship status: What it is, how it works, the different kinds, and the best “real-world” ways to RAMP IT UP with anyone you meet or are already involved with, as well as how to tell if your attractions are good for you or not…

So I did just that. It’s called “Astrological Attraction – Celestial and Real-World Ways to Attract, Select, and Keep The Right Man For You.”

In this program, I cover TONS of juicy stuff to help you go from feeling like you have no control over your romantic relationships – or that the men in your life have all the power, or the Universe does – to YOU being in control of attracting and connecting with who you want…

The 4 ETERNAL TRUTHS about attracting your soulmate you’ll discover in my program include:

1. Ramping Up Attraction Requires Real-World Insight

2.Increasing His Sense Of “RIGHTNESS” Requires The Seeking Of Spiritual Truths

3. My Astrological Tips Can Amplify Your Best Qualities And Tone Down Your More Negative Ones…

4. You Need The Right Keys Before You Can Unlock The Truth About Whether Or Not A Man Is Right For You…

You’ll also learn:

Guest Speakers Will Move And Amaze You:

Lastly included is a BONUS CD of an interview I did with one of my mentors, Vedic Astrologer and advanced instructor, Ernst Wilhelm, author of many books including “Graha Sutras.” Ernst was the first to teach me about Chastity Yogas, and to write about them from a modern, holistic, Western perspective.

We have an in-depth conversation in which he shares:

I was blown away by all the insights and helpful information all of my guests shared, and am so touched and humbled to have them in this program, and can’t wait for you to learn all they so generously offer.

Here’s What You Get…

Over 8 full hours of digitally recorded material

Because I want as many women as possible to benefit from this program, I’ve decided to price this program at only 5 easy payments of $29.97 for the audio version or 5 easy payments of $39.97 for the video version. (For a slight extra fee of $4.99 you can also order the CD or DVD versions if you prefer to have a hard copy of the program.) Both versions come with my better-than-money-back “I’ll take all the risk” Guarantee…

Don’t Decide Now…Try Astrological Attraction RISK FREE For 30 Days

I promise you, this is some of the most in-depth, important information you’ll ever find about creating that “She’s the One” feeling of spiritual and astrological attraction in a man.

You’re going to hear about how the newest discoveries in science have tremendous impact on how you relate to and attract others, and how you can learn to tune into your deepest, most authentic self.

Suddenly you’ll understand why you feel a certain kind of chemistry with a man but it doesn’t last… and better yet, you’ll know exactly what it takes to trigger that “destiny” feeling in him, whether it’s the first time you’re meeting or if you have known each other for years.

This material will teach you practical and easy exercises you can do right away to ramp up your most attractive qualities, and keep those pesky unattractive ones in check… but I want you to feel comfortable about it.

That’s why I’m not going to ask you to fully commit to it until you’ve had a chance to check it out and see for yourself what it can do for you and your relationships.

When you click below, you’ll be taken to a secure order page where you can order the audio or video digital versions and workbook, and be listening, reading, and learning from them in just a few moments. Just use a valid credit card, check card, or Paypal for your order…

Run your chart, work with the information and you’ll find details you can use RIGHT AWAY to improve your dating life or your committed relationship. I promise.

Take 30 days to dig into the material and start applying what you learn.

If after you’ve done that you decide that it’s not for you… or you didn’t find any useful information in it for your situation, simply let my customer service team know and we’ll refund you all your money…

If you’d like to keep it, you don’t need to do anything further. Your credit card will automatically be billed.

I truly want to help you have the kind of relaxed, liberating, meant-to-be love life that I know you want and deserve. It can happen for you. I’ve seen it happen to so many happy couples.

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Once you receive access to the program, you’ll be given the address of a website where you can calculate and print out your Vedic astrology chart, which will help you determine your Chastity Yogas and the other celestial, “inborn” aspects I cover in the program.

Next, listen or watch the program in its entirety, take notes, and do the exercises and activities that I include in the program to help you ramp up your attractiveness and authenticity. I recommend going through the program more than once in order to get the FULL BENEFIT of the material and to help you really incorporate it into your life immediately.

It’s that simple.

Imagine Knowing You Are DESTINED To Be Together And Being Able To Let All Your Fears And Worries Go… Because Now He Knows It, Too!

Imagine what it would be like to have a man feel so right about you, and you feel so right about him that you both KNEW you were each other’s one true love.

Take a moment and feel how incredible that would be. You wouldn’t have to DO anything or BE anything other than exactly who and what you are right now… at your core.

You wouldn’t feel that dread, that fear, that as soon as you really open up and let him know you, it will all fall apart…

Imagine what it would be like to feel so secure in his devotion and dedication to THE REAL YOU that you could finally relax and feel truly loved…

What would it be like to have this true and lasting connection – and to know how to sustain it for as long as you wanted?

What would it be worth to you?

Here’s the thing… You don’t need anything to be wildly attractive. You were born that way. (Ever seen a baby that you didn’t want to go cuddle and kiss?)

All you need is YOU. All of you – at your essence…

What did you know at birth that you’ve forgotten?

You came in with an amazing “full-body” intelligence in your heart, gut, and brain that tells you everything you could ever need to know, and that enables you to emotionally handle anything you could ever possibly need to handle…

You’ve just learned to not listen to it.

You once lived in the moment and were completely connected to yourself.

It’s just that life has been full of ups and downs and exhausting disappointments that have kept you obsessing about the past or endlessly hopeful about the future… so you’ve forgotten how to “be here now.”

You once didn’t need anyone’s approval or permission to be fully yourself.

You easily, unapologetically “lived out loud.”

You just learned with time to listen to what other people thought of you, and to want to please them… even if they didn’t always deserve it.

You just need to wipe away the “junk” you’ve collected throughout your life – the wounds, the scars, the baggage that’s been keeping you weighed down – and let it go… this isn’t easy to do… which is why most women never do it. But it is possible (and with my techniques and exercises, it’s even fun!), and I can’t wait to show you how.

When you can do that and be fully connected to yourself again – present and vulnerable – you’ll be soooooo attractive!

You have so much more power to be the goddess you were born to be, with the power to move men the world over…

And I’m here to tell you that you can reclaim your birthright and channel your natural, unique gifts to create a lasting, soul connection to a special man that grows and grows.

I can’t wait to help you get back to that great stuff you already have and know and are… and to hear what happens as a result.

Please let me know!

In the meantime, may God and his planets and stars shower you with love!

Much love,


P.S. “Astrological Attraction” is for you – whether you’re single, dating, engaged, married, whatever – if you want to be more in touch with yourself, and more in control of your emotions, so that you can have the best relationships with EVERYONE in your life, especially with that one special man. (Men everywhere you go will also be THRILLED with what you learn to the point of throwing themselves at your feet and begging for your time and attention…) I’m so positive that you’ll love learning so much about spiritual and astrological attraction that I’ll let you examine the program for a full 30 days before you have to decide if it’s for you. If you don’t agree that the advice and insights you’ll get from the material can help you absolutely transform the way you feel about yourself and the way others (men) feel about you, simply return it to me within that first 30 days and I won’t ask any questions. If you’ve been confused and frustrated by what is keeping you from attracting or keeping the right man and having him say, “You’re the one for me,” or “You’re STILL the one for me” then you’ll LOVE this program. Please see for yourself.

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“Dear Carol, It was a great day… I was not excited about the prospect of ten hours locked up with a bunch of love hungry girls. (LOL LOL) I must say I took 18 pages of notes… ummmm must have caught my interest. I thought I would leave there feeling tired and drained, but to the contrary I was energized, and out that evening with friends for dinner. They are all single and not interested in what I had learned… totally in their own heads. It made me understand why even though they date they are not in a relationship. One must show interest in what others have to offer in order to make a relationship happen. I really, really see the connection to attraction to not just love interests but friends/family/and business associates/clients etc. I know I love myself and so then I am free to share that….wow… hugs…”

- M. B., Encino, CA

“Carol, What a wonderful gift! Thank you so much for including me in your amazing enlightening seminar… it was even better than my expectations. One of the best parts was to find out that those ‘not so zesty’ aspects of my personality were written in the stars as I was born… what a pleasant relief. I really appreciate the knowledge that these aspects will come up and with attention and awareness they can be managed, enabling me to bring the best version of myself to my relationships. I am also so grateful to have been exposed to rest of your enlightenment swat team… especially Guru Singh, amazing. Thank you again!! Hope to see you again soon! Fondly,”

- M. M., West Hollywood, CA

“Hi Carol, It was so great to see you and participate in your event! I thought your content was fantastic and I loved that you included a portion of the taping to guest speakers. You are a fantastic interviewer and asked great questions. You and Christine were on FIRE!! I was so engrossed in your conversation–you two were so great together. The conversation flowed nicely and I didn’t want it to end… Loved her message!!! And I loved Guru Singh… ahhhh… what an amazing energy to connect with and such a simple concept. Great variety! Warmly,”

- P. H., Santa Monica, CA

“Carol! I’ve been planning to write you all day to thank you for the invite to your seminar and to congratulate you on such a successful feat! My girlfriend Kristin and I left feeling so inspired by you, by the information and by your speakers! We didn’t stop talking about it the minute we left. You have a persuasive and compelling way of conveying your message. Truly. Much love,”

- Z. A., Beverley Hills, CA

“Carol! I just wanted to sincerely thank you for such an amazing seminar on Saturday. Your powerful words really opened my eyes and inspired me in a way I never imagined. It was such a pleasure meeting you… your guests were phenomenal. I can’t wait to have that “this is it” feeling. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend. Thank you again. Sincerely,”

- E. S., Los Angeles, CA

“Carol, I truly loved the seminar… you were fab, and the information you shared was actually life changing for me; I didn’t expect it to be that much for me but I’m still processing the information you shared and shall be for sometime to come… Soooo, I cannot WAIT to see the whole DVD and read the book, and I will buy several to give to friends. I am so excited for you and I hope you do many, many more seminars in the near future,”

- S. P., Valencia, CA

“Dear Carol, I really enjoyed learning about the chastity yogas and I think I whooped out loud when I heard I have some of the same results as Mother Theresa. I think everyone is really going to like this. Cheers,”

- W. B., Independence, MO

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