If You're Feeling Lonely, Confused And Loveless, You May Be In A Love-Blocking Cycle of Saturn

Find Out When And How You'll Be Under Saturn's Powerful Influence, And What To Do To Sidestep Heartbreak And Set Yourself Up For Love And Happiness For Many Years To Come

Get Peace Of Mind By Learning How the Cycles Of Saturn Affect Your Love Life, And Find Out What You Can Do Today To Ensure You Will Get The Love And Happiness You Deserve.

Are you in a hopeless time of your life right now?

Have you been feeling depressed, achingly alone, and painfully rejected… almost UNLOVABLE?

Do you find yourself in relationships that go nowhere, are inappropriate, troubled, or constantly on-again, off-again? Are you in a long-distance or otherwise IMPOSSIBLE affair, or with a man who won’t commit?
Do you feel utterly STUCK in all areas of your life? Maybe you thought you’d have so much more by now – a loving partner, a better career, more money and success. You’re starting to feel hopeless. Everything is just hard. You feel “cursed” or something…
Are you starting to wonder if you have actually taken a WRONG TURN somewhere in your life, and now you’re running out of time to turn things around?

If you constantly feel hopeless about things, and you don’t know what to do to get yourself out of this HOLE OF DESPAIR, keep reading…

Because what I’m about to tell you will absolutely CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

It will change the way you feel about what’s happening in your love life right now.

It will actually explain WHY your love life (and all other areas of your life) feel so difficult, and what you can do to feel better in minutes…


I am going to let you in on a little-known “secret” about astrology and about the difficult times we all go through in our lives.

But first, I want you to know that if you found yourself relating to any of the scenarios or feelings I just described, you’re NOT alone. Sooo many women are going through what you’re going through right now.

You’re not alone.

And it’s NOT your fault.

There’s actually a very good astrological reason for it all…

In astrology, there’s one planet largely responsible for most of life’s problems, especially romantic ones – the planet Saturn. Saturn is the most feared and misunderstood celestial body in all of astrology. When he’s “taking center stage” in your horoscope, you’ll relate to the painful scenarios I described above…

This feeling of desperation for answers is the “breakdown” that precedes the “breakthrough.” That’s right—these difficult phases are commonly followed by easier, wonderful times. And suddenly, all the pain and misery of what you’ve gone through MAKES SENSE, and gives you the strength and the clarity to make the most of things for years to come…

It’s Not Your Fault – Stop Thinking You’re Not Lovable. You May Be In A Challenging “Love Blocking” Astrological Cycle…

But it’s the very pain you’re feeling that will give you the motivation to “roll up your sleeves” and learn what to do to improve your relationships, your career path, and your entire life.

That’s how Saturn cycles work – they make your life (and love life) feel more out of control and hopeless, so that you’re willing to make the positive changes that will lead you to what you really and truly long for, deep down.

Just think – what if you knew that no matter who you dated or how hard you tried, your time to meet and marry your soulmate is AHEAD of you? What if you knew that you haven’t “blown it” and missed your chance for love?

Or, if you’re in a relationship and it’s going through a “lull” or feeling less “magical” than it used to, what if you knew it wasn’t YOU, but was just a natural stage – and how to get that magic back with him?

What if you knew exactly when you should date just for fun instead of for a serious commitment? What if you knew that this was the time to make your personal goals your priority instead of relationships, so that the effort you put toward those goals now can really pay off later?

Goals such as going back to school or focusing on your job…

And what if you knew from the bottom of your heart that this WOULDN’T keep you from having the love you crave, because the time for love comes LATER?

What if you could just RELAX and stop constantly racing around, thinking, “Will I meet him THIS weekend? What if I MISS him? What if this guy is my LAST CHANCE for true love? What if I’m going to end up alone forever?!”
When it’s not your time, it doesn’t matter how many weekends you go out “looking” for your soulmate or how many men you meet and date…
And when it IS time, you won’t miss him and he may just show up when you’re not even trying.
Isn’t that a HUGE relief?

Seriously, there’s a personal schedule for your life that—when you know it—can allow you to RELAX and understand that you can have everything you want in life—when it’s the right time! And that, as the Good Book says, “to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose” – even for YOU.

Discover if you’re in a “Love Blocking” cycle of Saturn here:

The thing I love about astrology, is that it illuminates things like this. You’re part of something bigger than yourself and when you understand that, it can offer so much reassurance and hope.

Believe me, I know…

How Saturn Helped Me Find True Love and Happiness… Even After I Thought Love Had “Passed Me By”

Everyone goes through these “Cycles of Saturn” at some time or another, a few times throughout their life. No one is spared… In that way, Saturn is “the great equalizer,” touching the lives of us all, rich or poor, young or old, no matter how “good” or “bad” we are.

Here’s how a cycle of Saturn affected my life…

When I was twenty-two and fresh out of college, I got hit with a wave of feelings I’d never experienced before.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.

I couldn’t find a guy I liked no matter what I did.

I felt disconnected from my friends and family.

Everything I thought I should try sounded too HARD—including dating and meeting Mr. Right.

I started having weird obsessions with food that started affecting my health.

And I felt a LONELINESS I’d never known.

So, what did I do? What anyone would do – I moved to Los Angeles to become an actress, of course!

And how did that go? I’ll spare you the details, but here’s a hint – I never set foot on a TV or film set, other than to be someone ELSE’S stand-in, or an extra, basically the LOWEST FORM OF LIFE on the “Hollywood food chain…”

I had always prided myself on being a hard-working, responsible person, but suddenly I felt miserable and flaky about my career. I had been very social and happy, but suddenly I had no close friends, and I was suffering through a whole LOT of heartbreak with men.

It seemed like every guy I met and romantic drama I got embroiled in was more impossible than the next. These were the years I fell for playboys, bad boys, addicts, men who lived far away, men of different religions than mine (whose horrified mothers wouldn’t even meet me) the works…

Even if things started off well with a seemingly nice guy and we both were “smitten,” soon he was flaky, drinking too much, getting back together with an ex, falling for someone at work, always “busy,” or just nowhere to be found…

What was worse – even though I “felt” ready for love, when I did find it (because, amazingly, my husband came along during this high drama time), I’d do something immature and selfish to push him away and ruin the happiness we had…

Just when I realized what I’d done and wanted him back, he was with someone else…

(Cue the violins…)


But then, a miracle happened.

I went to my first Vedic astrology reading. And the astrologer told me EXACTLY what was going on – explaining that I was in a painful “Cycle of Saturn” that started AT THE EXACT TIME when those weird, depressed feelings had hit me. I was stunned to learn this was to blame for my health problems, loneliness, poverty, and endless romantic rejection…

Amazingly, he told me just how to handle what I was going through, and WHEN IT WOULD END…

I couldn’t believe it when he said, “Don’t even try to have a serious relationship until you’re thirty. It won’t work… Until then, you’ll only attract unavailable men or men you’ll blow it with. Just enjoy being single and don’t worry about it – it will all work out later…”

I was already dating my husband at this point, and falling hard for him. “Could it be him?” I asked, and he said, “I don’t think so – he showed up too early…” (And he was right – he did show up too early. Thankfully this wasn’t the end for us. But more on that later.)

I was blown away as he told me that this particular version of a “Cycle Of Saturn” also makes people utterly frustrated professionally, but it leads to great growth and a commitment to something more long-term.

I had no idea what that would be… (He kept saying, “You want to be an actor? I don’t think so. You’re supposed to be some kind of counselor or teacher. You’re supposed to help people.” I thought he was totally nuts… :))

But guess what? These were the very years I started studying astrology, and dedicating myself to the path that has brought me so much fulfillment and joy.

All those seemingly “wasted” efforts soon made PERFECT sense…

And all the pain I was going through in my love life motivated me to learn as much as I could about relationships, and that was the foundation that helped me later in my personal and professional life (since I use what I learned in my work).

All those acting and improvisational comedy classes I took then have made me comfortable leading seminars and hosting my own radio show now…

All those health problems led me to find fantastic holistic solutions I wouldn’t have otherwise sought, and have improved my health forever…

Best of all, all that heartache and all those “Mr. Wrongs” made me appreciate my MR. RIGHT and grab him when my true love amazingly came back into my life.

As soon as my “Cycle Of Saturn” had passed, all my problems seemed to magically GO AWAY at last… when I was thirty.


It’s so amazing to remember that “dark” time in my life that led to so many gifts that only became apparent later. It feels like a lifetime ago. But I was soooooo lucky to learn about it while it was happening, so that I could stop thinking it was somehow my fault that my life was in shambles. (Because that’s the LAST thing you need when this stuff is going on – to add to your own misery.)

Are you in a Cycle of Saturn? Find out here…

How Cycles Of Saturn Make You Become More Authentic And Lead You To The Person You ARE Meant To Be With

There’s so much value in knowing about your “Cycles of Saturn.” The influence of Saturn is meant to help you become fully who you really are, and to live a life that’s right for you.
But guess what? For most of us, there are a lot of things we THINK are right for us, but that we have to let go of first… but we’re often not willing to do that without a struggle.
Saturn slows things down, and makes them harder to come by, so that we have no choice but to question our plans and dreams, and do what we need to do to ensure our REAL dreams come true…
It’s as though Saturn is saying, “Is that REALLY what you want? Are you SURE? At your core??? What about NOW?”

For example, when my husband and I first started dating, I wasn’t ready to marry anyone. Besides, he didn’t fit the picture of who I “should” be with. He was wonderful and I truly loved him, but he was an artist and more of a “free spirit”… not the stockbroker or investment banker I thought I’d end up with (as my friends had)… So I let him go.

I started dating the kinds of men I was “supposed” to marry. Men who wore suits, drove nice cars, and belonged to country clubs. But Saturn was sitting on my shoulder, saying, “Are you happy now? With all the things your EGO cares about? All the things that will make you LOOK good? All the things that will IMPRESS others? Hmmm?”

The answer was NO. I was bored to death…

It wasn’t long before I felt so sad and lonely and full of regret over the love I’d lost, that I began learning everything I could about relationships. I started to learn the truth about relationships, and the power of my own ability to connect more powerfully and positively with men. Soon, I was using what I learned to help other women have more of the love they needed.

And this was Saturn’s plan all along – he’d made me surrender

After first resisting the news about Saturn, I slowly gave into it, and kept my heart open instead of becoming bitter, and soon I enjoyed relationships with men that I knew weren’t “THE ONE” but provided good things nonetheless – companionship, fun, support, friendship, snuggling (wink, wink…).

Had I not known the timing I was going through, I wouldn’t have given myself permission to go out with anyone I didn’t consider husband material… and as a consequence I would have found myself utterly loveless.

Instead I have some fantastic memories from that time in my life, and interesting experiences to draw from to help me understand what other women are going through with men! Not only that, but a feeling of utter peace that my husband is truly the man for me (‘cause, I did a lot of “comparison shopping…”) and the tools to keep our love going strong.
And guess what? My boyfriend and I found our way back to each other again, and we got married when my “Cycle of Saturn” had passed, just as my chart had said…

Knowing My “Cycles Of Saturn” Helped Me Understand And Overcome This Dark Period Of My Life. And It Can Help You, Too.

Here’s How…

When I learned about my own “Cycles of Saturn” when I was 23, it helped me make the most of the next six years of my life, until I finally was ready to marry and be on the right career path. And, for almost two decades now I’ve been giving literally thousands of clients the same “Saturn Speech” when they come to me feeling in despair and hopeless about their love lives.

I tell them, “It’s just timing. You’re not meant to have love work for you right now.” Time after time after learning this, they practically hug me with relief and amazement…

“You mean it’s not ME?” they’ll say. “Yes, that’s EXACTLY how I’ve been feeling. And that’s EXACTLY when it started! Amazing!”

I am also able to tell them when the men in their lives are going through their own “Cycles of Saturn” – which can keep them from being as available or supportive as they used to be, or as ready to commit as they’d like.

Wouldn’t you feel a lot more relaxed knowing that you didn’t have to take his rejection PERSONALLY?

It’s so rewarding to be able to help a woman know that this isn’t her imagination, and it isn’t her fault, either…

But don’t despair – the “Cycles of Saturn” report is NOT all doom and gloom. It is actually full of good news, too. Included are times when Saturn is delivering his lessons with much more ease and grace, allowing you to feel in “the flow” and achieve your goals without all that questioning and effort, and with much more enjoyment and happiness…

There are even Saturn cycles that support commitment and marriage, so they’re part of the report as well…

Yes, “in every life some rain must fall,” the saying goes, but if you bring an umbrella and wear “sensible shoes” you’ll have a much better time in the rain, and it won’t ruin your plans. “Cycles of Saturn” work the same way. There’s power in understanding what’s going on, allowing you to prepare and respond accordingly to make the best of things.

Clients tell me over and over again what a comfort this knowledge is to them, and how valuable it proved to be, even though they may resist it at first (‘cause, hey – you go to an astrologer ‘cause you want good news, right?).

So, here’s what you’ll learn from your “Cycles of Saturn” report:

  • When it’s okay to keep your “close but not quite” boyfriend, and just enjoy him for what he brings and not worry that he’s “in the way” of Mr. Right – because he’s not!
  • When it’s time to be extra financially conservative, so you don’t take on debt or suffer losses you can’t handle later (knowing this can seriously save your YOU KNOW WHAT…)
  • When it’s wise to go back to school, get more training, or commit more fully to your dreams so it really pays off later.
  • Why you may be more depressed or run down than usual, and what to do about it. That’s right, you’re not just being a big baby or “whiner” – you just need extra TLC and support.
  • The best and worst times to get pregnant, so you can ensure things go more smoothly, and you can avoid times they might not…
  • Periods when you’ll likely be drawn to “impossible” relationships – you’re not crazy (okay, maybe you are) – they’re part of your journey, happening right on schedule, and NOT your fault…
  • When taking risks will pay off, personally, professionally, and financially – BIG TIME…
  • When your spiritual path will become more important, or you find yourself needing “something more” to feel that special meaning and connection in life…
  • The best times to volunteer or give to charity.
  • When commitment or marriage opportunities are blocked – and when they’re NOT – so you can stop thinking it’s YOU, and can look forward to a “brighter day…”
  • If you’re already in a relationship, you’ll prepare for the times when things may be more strained or difficult, so you can prevent them by facing anything that needs “fixing” ahead of time, and actually become closer and more of a team than ever…
  • When you’ll be flying high, and enjoy a “successful conclusion to all your actions…”
  • When you’ll find yourself having more fulfillment in love, and making “huge profits…” (Seriously – this is when you’ll swear you have the “Midas Touch.”)
  • Times you’ll no longer be interested in just “having fun” and will be ready for THE ONE or NO ONE…
  • Periods when your desire for a relationship will go way down – so you can stop thinking there’s something “wrong” with you – you’re just taking a “time out” and focusing on yourself and will be “back in action” later… (This is when you can tell your mother a relationship is coming LATER, and wouldn’t work out now anyway, so you’re not missing anything – blame it on me! :))
  • Times when you MUST get to know someone THOROUGHLY before making a commitment. If you’ve REALLY gotten to know him and are sure you have compatible needs, habits and life goals, then it’s a great time “get serious” or marry – if you haven’t done your homework in this regard, there may be painful surprises that “ruin the party” later…
Just think what it could do for your life to know this kind of incredible secret about the timing of your love life…

You’ll know exactly when it’s a good time to GET SERIOUS about dating and only date men that are “forever” material… and when it’s time to just enjoy dating and not worry about where it’s all going.

You’ll be able to pinpoint the exact year of your life when your love life and your career will turn around, and things will FINALLY start to go your way. Once you’re there, you’ll feel like everything is working in your favor, and “happy coincidences” will rule your life.

You’ll have insight into whether your feelings of depression and boredom are just “a phase” that is likely to pass soon, or if you’re entering a “Cycle of Saturn” that signals you to start evaluating what you REALLY want out of life and what your AUTHENTIC goals and dreams are.

You’ll learn how long the difficult time in your life is going to last, and whether you should seek counseling, change jobs, start dating someone new… or simply work on taking care of YOURSELF and your health and spiritual life in order to get stronger and more grounded.

You’ll be able to know that your feelings of hopelessness and frustration are NOT YOUR FAULT, and will pass eventually.

You’ll learn exactly WHAT TO DO during the darkest times in your life, so that you can survive them and come out stronger and better than ever, instead of letting them cripple you and crush you into deeper despair.

You’ll be able to relax knowing that when your man tells you he’s not able to commit, or when he moves away or starts seeing someone else, or makes work and his friends a bigger priority over YOU, that none of this is YOUR FAULT. It’s just not the right timing for love. You’ll also know what you should be doing INSTEAD of going against the tide in your love life, so you can feel confident and reassured (instead of feeling like a big, hopeless loser).

And finally, you’ll feel totally REASSURED knowing what you’re going through is real, it isn’t your fault, and it will pass.

When I’ve worked with clients who have come to me feeling hopeless and in agony over their horrible love lives, and discovered that they’re in a “Cycle of Saturn”, it completely TURNS THEIR LIFE AROUND.

In fact, clients who I’ve shared this material with tell me things like:

- “If you hadn’t given me that warning to do more advertising, I would’ve lost my business. Instead it was my best year ever…”

- “I’m so grateful you said I could keep my ‘super hot but not marriage material’ boyfriend for a while. He’s been such a comfort to me at such a difficult time, and I would have been so lonely if I’d let him go…”

- “I was so relieved to know that I was in a time my career was supposed to be my focus, and not my love life. I was starting to think something was wrong with me that everyone else seemed to be finding HIM, but I was just working, working, working. It’s so cool to learn that I’m right on schedule and will find my HIM later…”

You Won’t Get The “Cycles Of Saturn Report”… Or Any Report Quite Like It Anywhere Else

I’m so excited to share this information with you, help you make peace with your past, understand your present, and plan your fabulous future, so it can be even MORE fabulous…

(That’s right – it’s so bright, ya gotta wear shades!)
While there are many wonderful writings on the affects of Saturn all over the web, and in numerous fantastic books, I’ve never seen a “Cycles of Saturn” report anywhere else.</p>
Before now, to learn this information, you had to either study astrology or have a long, personal consultation with a professional astrologer… and even then you’d have to request that the reading be tailored just to this particular aspect of Saturn (we don’t usually give so much detail about what one planet is doing for a thirty-year period…).
Here’s the thing – this report is almost twenty pages long, all about YOUR life.

It’s totally custom to you and your specific astrological chart, because it’s based on your personal birth information.

Remember, it looks at the last ten years to give you context, and then forecasts for the next twenty…

It includes three distinct kinds of Saturn cycles and their differences. Then it breaks all three down into three sub-cycles and what to expect and do during each.

Then it includes the three shorter positive Saturn cycles, as well as a period when Saturn is EXTRA good (the “golden” phase I mentioned) and when it’s EXTRA hard (a “disturbed” phase – don’t worry – it’s relatively short, but you’ll definitely want to know what the heck is happening when it’s going on…)

Most astrologers don’t even know about Saturn’s extra good cycles, or “golden” phases, since they’re unique to Vedic astrology. So, even if you tried to pay a professional hundreds of dollars for this sanity-saving information, you couldn’t…

How To Know If This Program Is For You…

  • If you feel “stuck” or “in a rut” in your life
  • If you’re in a relationship that just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere no matter how hard you try
  • If you only seem to meet men who are either “taken,” live far away, are having their own overwhelming struggles, or don’t know what they want (but know they DON’T want a relationship with you)
  • If you’ve been cruelly dumped or left by a lover or spouse, and feel powerless to win them back or move on…
  • If you feel like all you do is work, work, work but you’re not having the success you should, or the recognition from “higher ups…”
  • If you’re “running in place” financially, or drowning in bills
  • If you’re feeling socially left out or isolated…
  • If you don’t feel inspired in your work, but don’t know what else to do, and can barely drag yourself out of bed to start another day…
  • If your life seems to be headed nowhere… and has been for years
  • If you simply want to plan your future, and ensure you have as much peace of mind and success as possible
I can’t imagine a woman alive that wouldn’t benefit from knowing all this…

I’ve never talked to someone in all these years who, once I explained what was going on, was in a “Cycle of Saturn” and didn’t know it…

Imagine being able to understand why you’re still single, or in a relationship and struggling.

Imagine knowing when to make your love life a priority, and when it’s okay, and even RECOMMENDED, to make it “just for fun…”

Imagine knowing when you can be more “high-risk” financially, and when you MUST be ultra conservative. (Knowing this can help save your home, or your business, or your credit score…)

Imagine the peace of mind you can have to learn that the delays, setbacks, and obstacles you’ve been going through are RIGHT ON SCHEDULE and part of a bigger plan that you just can’t see yet.

What would it be worth to you to take all that “blame and shame” out of your heart?

Here's How It Works

Find out if you’re in a love-blocking “Cycle Of Saturn” and what to do if you are!

When you click on the order button below, you’ll go to my secure order page for your credit card information. Your order information is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security.

You’ll have 7 full days to try it out before you have to decide if it’s for you… If for any reason, you decide it’s not for you, simply let me know (and KEEP the report!) and I’ll give you a full refund. And because I want as many women as possible to benefit from the insights contained in this report, I’ve priced it at just $29.97 per report.

Going to an astrologer for this kind of information normally costs 5 times as much!

This report is completely customized to YOU and your specific birthdate, time and place. You’ll find out what cycle you’re in now, and what specific advice to follow to make the most of this challenging time. You’ll get insight into your love life, your career, your health and your family and social relationships, too.

Understand At Last What’s Going On In All Areas Of Your Life…

This is a special opportunity.

You’re going to be able to use the information and advice in the report to know exactly WHEN your difficult, love-blocking period will end, how long it will last, and WHAT TO DO to prepare for the next cycle in your chart, so that you are ready for your soulmate when he does finally “show up” (or if you’re already in a relationship, when he “comes around”).

This report creates the biggest “AHA!” moments of clarity for my clients, because they finally understand why everything seems to be NOT WORKING in their lives… and I’m positive you’ll have the same “AHA!” moment too, but I want you to be absolutely sure about it.

That’s why I’M NOT GOING TO ASK YOU TO fully commit to it until you’ve had a chance to read it and see for yourself what it can do for you.

When you click on the button below, you’ll be taken to a secure order page where you can download the report right now (just use a valid credit card for your order…).

Read the report from cover to cover and you’ll find strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY to improve your love life. I promise.

Take 7 days to read the report and start applying what you learn.

If, after you’ve read the report you decide that it’s not for you… or you didn’t find any useful information in it for your situation, simply reply to the email confirmation you’ll receive when you download your report, write “cancel Cycles of Saturn report” in your message, and we’ll refund you all of your money. And you can KEEP the report. (Because it’s digital, and you can’t actually “return” anything.)

If you’d like to keep the report and do find it valuable, you don’t need to do anything further. Your credit card will automatically be billed.

I truly want to help you make your life and your LOVE life the best it can possibly be. I work with women every day who are so relieved to know that the difficulties they’re going through are NOT their fault, and to have an easy plan to get them through this tough time in their lives. I want to help you, too.

Click this button to order your “Cycles of Saturn.”

Order My Cycles of Saturn – Risk-Free for 7 days

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The good news is that if you know what’s happening and when and what it all means, you can have a much better time and avoid many of the problems or hardships that can occur, turning it into a positive time of growth and progress overall than it would otherwise be, and setting up the years to follow in a powerful way.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. See for yourself the kinds of things my clients have told me when I told them how Saturn was affecting their love lives and careers:


“As a love coach to women all over the world, I can tell you this for sure – if I can’t fix it – Carol Allen can predict it. Her ‘Cycles of Saturn’ report can tell you if you’re dating Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now.”

- Lauren Frances, author of “Dating, Mating, and Manhandling – The Ornithological Guide To Men.

“I ordered and read my Cycles of Saturn reading and it has been alarmingly right!!! I like the fact that it was made accurate by using dates which are very near to the events that happened in my life! I am going through that Saturn cycle right now, and that is the main reason I am not attracting anyone no matter how much I try, and how many books and audiobooks I refer to on it!! Thank you so much!! You saved me so much frustration and have given me new hope!! Now I can be happily single till my time comes!!..which I am excitedly waiting for!! (It’s 2 and half years away!) Really thank you so very very much from the bottom of my heart! May God bless you and your husband..”

- F.W., Priyanka, India

“I ordered and read my Cycles of Saturn reading and it has been alarmingly right!!! I like the fact that it was made accurate by using dates which are very near to the events that happened in my life! I am going through that Saturn cycle right now, and that is the main reason I am not attracting anyone no matter how much I try, and how many books and audiobooks I refer to on it!! Thank you so much!! You saved me so much frustration and have given me new hope!! Now I can be happily single till my time comes!!..which I am excitedly waiting for!! (It’s 2 and half years away!) Really thank you so very very much from the bottom of my heart! May God bless you and your husband..”

- M.G. B., Tutor, West Hollywood, CA

“In the last year of my ‘Cycle Of Saturn’ I did just what Carol recommended – I rolled up my sleeves and did a lot of work and research on trying to understand what I needed to do to be more successful with men. Because nothing was working with them… And then, just when it ended, I met my guy, and it’s because of the things I learned from all that studying I did that I’m having so much success with him now and we’re planning our future. So, it was all worth it after all…”

- T.D.P., Lawyer, New York, NY

“Knowing about my ‘Cycle Of Saturn’ has helped me to take the long view and appreciate that I’m building not only my career but my legacy. Otherwise it can feel like such hard work, but great things take great time. If I didn’t know about this challenging but incredibly productive time, I’d be a lot more impatient and a lot less trusting and faithful. It’s given me peace of mind.”

- L.T., Career Coach, Valencia, CA

“I want to thank you and tell you that I’ve had many readings over the years from many different types of psychics and yours by far was ‘right on the money.’ You read my Vedic chart in November, 2007 and told me that my ‘Cycles of Saturn’ that started in 1984 and lasted for three consecutive periods, (which after thinking about my 20 year marriage that began in 1984 and ended in 2003, was so true!), had come to an end. Hallelujah, did It ever! I’m blown away. It all makes so much sense. And I’ve read your book, ‘Love is in the Stars.’ – Awesome!! Thank you again and may God bless."

- K.W., Teacher, Sanford, FL

“I had a relationship years ago that I’d never been able to fully get over – I was convinced he was the love of my life, but it was an incredibly painful love story that did not end well even though we tried and tried to get it right for 7 (that’s right 7!) long years of breaking up and making up. He’s now happily married to another woman, and I too am in a wonderful relationship, but was both relieved and amazed when Carol explained to me that we had met during an impossible, love-blocking ‘Cycle Of Saturn’ that virtually guaranteed that had we married, the relationship couldn’t have worked out. It was so profound to learn that I couldn’t have done things differently, and that it simply wasn’t ‘meant to be.’ Knowing this has helped me to forgive myself and move on. And say yes to Mr. Right!”

- F.G., Writer, Highland Park, NJ

“Carol, What a great report! Thank you for all your time and insight. It has given me a tremendous boost of optimism and focus. Again, thanks for all you do! Take care!"

- M.S., Atlanta, GA

“I am 25 years old. I stay in Bangalore, India. I signed up for your newsletter two years ago. In the recent newsletter, I read about Saturn Cycles report. I am in a Saturn cycle now, myself. So, I got the report and you are right on!!.. There were a lot of things I didn’t want to hear but it was happening in my life. I have consulted a lot of astrologers here in India but, none of them were willing to tell me the entire truth. I always felt like they were withholding certain things from me. I read your Saturn cycles report and felt like here it is, all of it. Thanks!"

- D., Bangalore, India

“Carol, I recently learned about you and your work through Christian Carter’s web site and newsletters he sends his readers. I opened your website and was immediately hooked…. Everything you say makes so much sense. Today I purchased the Cycles of Saturn report, which I read during my lunch hour. It answered a lot of my questions."


“I ordered and read my Cycles of Saturn reading and it has been alarmingly right!!! I like the fact that it was made accurate by using dates which are very near to the events that happened in my life! I am going through that Saturn cycle right now, and that is the main reason I am not attracting anyone no matter how much I try, and how many books and audiobooks I refer to on it!! Thank you so much!! You saved me so much frustration and have given me new hope!! Now I can be happily single till my time comes!!.. Which I am excitedly waiting for!! (it’s 2 and half years away!) Really thank you so very, very much from the bottom of my heart! May God bless you and your husband… Lots of love,"

- Priyanka

“Hi Carol~ Just a quick note and thank you! I bought the Saturn Cycles report a couple of days ago and wow, I’m still processing it. At age 41 (almost 42) I was starting to think, well maybe it’s never going to happen (the true love thing). But nope, I’m just in a stage where it’s either got to be high quality relationship material or nothing, hence my celibacy period, hahaha. And also why I’m not even “dating for fun.” It’s all right there in your report! The period right before, 2007-2009 just blew my mind how accurate, and why that relationship was such a trainwreck. We even broke up in the very month of the next cycle! (the current one…) This is the building phase leading up to the Midas Touch coming up, all the way down to the last detail, which you said would be re-inventing. That is exactly what Im doing in my career and have been over the past two year cycle, exactly the way you said it. Now if only I had known, I could have relaxed a bit more! One good item of note is being able to relax about finding the right one, as that time will come up any time now but most likely favorably November and going into next year. So, I’ll only be 42, still young! I feel good about utilizing the most freed up energy for specific life goals via the Saturn cycles. So again, thank you thank you thank you! And if you want to use my testimonial, you have my permission. Many blessings,” PS, on par with your report, I’m totally rebuilding my site and offerings behind the scenes in WordPress, and have been doing that hot and heavy since January. I was getting slightly discouraged, until I read your report. Now I have more fuel to get it done, that I’m on the right track and it’s going to pay off big time! Great thing is that it won’t be for just myself but for others also. Yay! You rock!!"

- S.C.

“In all honesty and seriousness, I had a rare but unnerving panic attack less than 24 hours before your email came in about the Saturn Cycles report. The very things I was panicked about are actually now addressed, and I understand things so much more that I couldn’t explain before, but felt keenly on every level. Now I’m not swimming against the tide, but with it. So really…it’s like…I can now…breathe…Thanks again, and many blessings!"

- F.

Trust me, you’ll feel a HUGE sense of relief to know the hard times and difficult feelings you’re experiencing in your love life and in other areas of your life are NOT ALL YOUR FAULT… That Saturn’s influence on your personal chart is actually blocking love from fully entering your life.

It’s the reason why no man feels quite “right” or why you can’t seem to make it work with the man you’re with now. He may be unavailable, live far away, still be in love with another woman, it doesn’t matter… because if Saturn is affecting your chart, it’s just not your time. It’s not because you’re UN-lovable. The last thing you should be doing is taking it personally.

If Saturn is blocking love in this period of your life, my Cycles of Saturn report can help lead you in the RIGHT DIRECTION. I will give you honest and simple advice on what you need to do, or what you need to stop doing when it comes to relationships, your career, your health and social life. You’ll learn how to make the MOST out of this difficult time and what to do to PREPARE for the “good times” ahead.

I wouldn’t have been able to have a successful marriage if I didn’t do what I needed to do during the “dark” years in my 20’s. If I hadn’t prepared by working on my career and learning everything I could about how to make relationships work, I wouldn’t be where I am today – happily married to a gorgeous guy, enjoying a fulfilling career helping thousands of women through astrology.

Think what it could do for you to understand why you’re experiencing all the feelings of loneliness and frustration, and more importantly, that you can relax knowing it’s not anything you’ve done to cause it.

Think of how much of a relief it would be to know that trying HARDER won’t get you anywhere with a man right now… That what you really need to be doing is using this time to relax and strengthen your health and your relationship skills… even if that means that the guy you’re with isn’t “The One” and you should move on… Or if that means that better times are ahead for you and your man, and you just have to hang in and support each other right now.

Think of how much precious time and mental energy you’ll save NOT WORRYING that you’ll never get married, never find your soulmate, never make things work with your man, never figure out what you want to do with your life… because it’s NOT YOUR TIME right now, and there will be a better time for you ahead.

Think of how much more focused you will be if you know what to FOCUS ON. Is now a good time to go back to school? Look for a new job? Start exercising more? You’ll find out!

What if there was a way to know exactly what aspect of your life you should be working on right now, and what to “let go” of and relax about for the time being?

Well, now there is. Order your “Cycles of Saturn” report right now and find out how Saturn is affecting your life – now, in the future, and in the past.

Just click this button to download your personalized Cycles of Saturn report risk-free:

Credit And Debit Cards And Paypal Accepted

So, I really encourage you to give the “Cycles of Saturn” report a try… With the no-risk, money-back guarantee, what have you got to lose? Just a lot of confusion, frustration, and the feeling that something is wrong with you…

I know both personally and from working with countless others that you’ll be so glad you did.

And may God and his planets, stars, and DIVINE TIMING – shower you with love!

Carol Allen

Four Powerful Bonuses To Help You Ramp Up Your Love Life…

Bonus #1: Shazam – Ancient Vedic Spiritual Tricks To Ramp Up Your Love Life

Ancient India is the birth place of many of the most popular ‘New-Age’ tricks and tools passed down for thousands of years and still used today – and the reason is, they work! Learn ancient spiritual tools you’ve likely not heard of before, to increase your ‘love frequency,’ heal your heart, and lure love to you… In this report you’ll learn:

>> Love Mantras

>> The Healing Power of Gemstones

>> Ancient Vedic Blessing Ceremonies – And How You Can Get Yours

>> A Ritual That Will Break Your Attachment to Past Love

>> The #1 Way To Improve Your Karma (According to The Buddha)

… and more.

Bonus #2: The Astrological Archetypes of Relationships

We all have inborn personality patterns that can be seen in the stars. And – if you’re single or have challenging relationships, it may be because you were born into an “astrological archetype” that are causing you to behave, communicate, and interact with others in specific ways that are contributing to it all…

The good news is that once you know which of the archetypes is yours you can break free of it you just need to know how. Included in this report is:

  • An overview of the archetypes – the unique gifts and challenges of each
  • Powerful action steps to break free of their grasp and shift things for the better
  • What kind of partner each requires (know who to date and who to avoid from now on)

Bonus #3: Interview between Carol Allen and Amy Ahlers from the Women Masters Series, “How To Have More Love In Your Life”

“How To Have More Love In Your Life” an hour-long interview with Amy Ahlers, in her “Women Masters Series” series.

I share simple, quick tips, whether you’re single or partnered, to easily and profoundly improve all of your relationships, including:

  • Why timing is so critical in love
  • Why compatibility is NOT enough – and can actually be a BAD thing
  • How chemistry and compatibility are different
  • Why you can love someone but still be miserable
  • What’s MORE important than compatibility and should be the first thing you look for in a mate
  • Why you can find the right partner at the right time, and still screw it up (and how to be sure you DON’T)
  • And more…

In this powerful conversation you’ll learn “real-world” and “out of this world” MUST- HAVES for a relationship to “go the distance”…

Bonus #4: Becoming The Woman Your Dream Man Wants

It’s not enough to rely on the blessings of the stars in love, you also have to have the right mindset, take the right actions, and make an effort in love. In this sixty-one page Bonus Book, I share the very best success tips and techniques to ensure you’ll find, attract, and keep Mr. Right. no matter your age, weight, status, finances, etc. Just implementing SOME of these ideas will dramatically improve your love life!

You’ll learn…
  • The Top Three Reasons a high-caliber woman like you would have a low-caliber social/romantic life – how to turn these around…
  • Why bending over backwards and doing whatever a man wants, will virtually GUARANTEE he won’t marry you
  • How to get your “mind right” before you can find THE ONE.
  • Why all those best-selling books that say to NEVER make the FIRST MOVE with a man are DEAD WRONG, and why it just might get you married! I’ll tell you the best way to approach men you’re attracted to…
  • How to let a man reveal himself so you’ll know if he’s generous enough and MAN ENOUGH to be the one for you…

About Carol Allen

As a Vedic astrologer and relationship coach who’s been happily married since 1997, Carol Allen has made it her mission to show women how the stars combined with their own right actions can help them make the most of their love lives. Her methods are a unique marriage of East and West, combining her training in the astrology of India with cutting-edge, real-world relationship research.

Carol’s been featured on E!, Bridezillas, EXTRA, and in Chicken Soup For The Soul and Woman's World. Dr. Drew called Carol’s advice “Profound” on his TV show, “LifeChangers” and Daily Candy said Carol is “Cooler than Karma.”​

She is the author of Love Is In The Stars - The Wise Woman's Guide To Men.

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