Learn The Secrets Only Astrology Can Reveal About Compatibility, Relationships And Romantic Destiny … Along With Step-By-Step Advice To Help You Create A Loving And Fulfilling Relationship Here On Earth

Dear Friend,

Are you wondering when you’ll find “The One” or how to make a relationship work with the man you’ve already given your heart to?

Maybe you’ve already played the game of love the hard way, only to leave you feeling hopeless, depressed, rejected, and a little angry (okay, maybe a LOT angry).

If so, I can assure you, you’re sooooo not alone!

Don’t worry – your feelings are totally NORMAL. And they don’t mean anything is wrong with you, or that you’re somehow “cursed” when it comes to men and LOVE.

Your challenging journey in the “jungle of love” is NOT all your fault. There is something “bigger than you” at work, and you have now found that “bigger than you” source.

There’s a plan outside of your personal will and control that is separate from your actions that can explain why you’ve not yet found what you truly want or have had such bad luck and heartbreak.

That plan is found in astrology!

Astrology is kinda like gravity – it works whether you believe in it or not. Just like gravity, it is also invisible, but it affects everything around us.

Astrology has been around since the dawn of time – ever since man has walked the earth he’s contemplated the connection between the course of human events and the positions of the celestial bodies above.

Every great civilization has looked to the knowledge of the stars, and this ancient knowledge has survived and thrived to this very day. And in no other topic is it as helpful or comforting than in that of relationships.

Why? Because it works!

In fact, I’ve coached thousands of women over the last twenty-five years and they all started with one (or more) of these same questions:

And the good news is I’ve been able to answer every single one using the wisdom of the stars. And, just as important… I’ve given my clients proven, field-tested relationship enhancing techniques that helped them to make what’s been blessed by the heavens a reality here on earth.

But please beware…

The WRONG Interpretation of Astrology Can Be Actually HURT Your Chances Of Experiencing Real, Lasting Love

Much of what is delivered up to the masses as astrology is mere entertainment, what I call “pop astrology” – a watered down version of this vast, complicated body of knowledge that doesn’t do it, or relationships, justice.

Pop astrology IS NOT to be taken seriously…

In fact – it’s to be avoided! I see women make MASSIVE mistakes due to misunderstanding the seriousness and complexity of astrology.

In fact, it is especially dangerous because you can learn some compelling insights that can seem so true and helpful, reading about how your sign goes together with that of the man in your life, and about him and what he should be like, but you never get at what’s REALLY going on.

And more importantly, you never learn WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT.

As a result, I constantly see women go for men who are WRONG for them, and blow off men who would be completely right because of this one ENORMOUS issue…

And I wish that were all! I also see women have false expectations of “when” they’ll meet the one, and put wayyyy too much effort into a guy who’s not AT ALL worthy of them simply because they think he’s astrologically their “match.”

All because they trusted the WRONG source of astrological advice!!!

If you’ve been a victim of “pop astrology” – thinking a man you truly love isn’t right for you because of something negative an astrology book or website (or friend who knows next to nothing about it) said, or have gotten “stuck on a shmuck” because of something positive these same sources said, then let me help you to STOP THE MADNESS.

Seriously – take whatever astrological advice you’ve been told up to this point with a HUGE grain of salt. I’ve been in the astrological community my entire adult life, and I’m here to tell you it’s rare to find an astrological resource that’s truly accurate and scientific.

But that’s NOT what this is – I’m going to tell you THE TRUTH about REAL astrology and how it can be an enormous help to your love life!

But before I tell you how I can help you benefit from this STELLAR wisdom of the ages (get it – stellar?), first I want to WARN you about the most common mistakes women make with astrology, so you can STOP the madness right now, and START traveling in the right ORBIT to love…

The Three Most Common “Astrological Mistakes” Women Make When It Comes To Men, Love & Relationships

Have you ever made these common mistakes when it comes to using “pop astrology” and love?

Mistake #1: Basing “Compatibility” On Zodiac (or Sun) Signs

Have you ever asked a man his birthdate and were dismayed to discover he’s an incompatible sign with yours? You know, like he’s an Aries and you’re a Virgo, and that can’t possibly work.

And then you hesitated even giving him a chance?

That’s a potentially TRAGIC MISTAKE.

Here’s the deal… Pop astrology signs like Virgo, Aries, Capricorn, etc., are sun signs and they have almost NOTHING TO DO with relationships. Why? Because the Sun is not astrologically an indicator of how someone is EMOTIONALLY. It reveals NOTHING about how they will RELATE.

So looking at your Sun sign with that of someone else does not tell you HOW YOU’LL GET ALONG.

A man’s Sun sign will reveal things about his behavior, appearance, and career. While those things are important, they don’t tell you how you’ll FEEL with him – or how he’ll feel WITH YOU.

And here’s the amazing part – you can actually have incompatible Sun signs with a man who’d be PERFECT for you – FOREVER. What matters is how YOUR ENTIRE HOROSCOPES mesh – something you cannot tell AT ALL from just looking at your signs…

Mistake #2: Thinking That “Compatibility” Is A Relationship Guarantee

Another HUGE mistake I hope you avoid is that of thinking that compatibility between you and a man is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

Perhaps you’ve dated someone deemed astrologically “perfect” for you, but he didn’t call when he said he would, he was critical or mean, he never made you feel special…

But since “the stars” said you were perfect together, you couldn’t let him go – worried that you’d never find someone so magically aligned with you again.

Here’s the truth of the matter…

It’s nice to have good astrological compatibility with a man, but believe it or not it doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily like him or enjoy being in a relationship with him… or even that he’ll want a relationship with you even if you do “connect” on a deeper level.

That said, there is an issue that is FAR more important than compatibility that most people who look to astrology for romantic insights have never considered or heard about before (again – because no one tells them!).

It’s the question of whether or not both people are “good relationship material” – CAPABLE of having a full relationship in the first place.

I’ve seen way too many women struggle to make things work with a man WHO ISN’T RELATIONSHIP MATERIAL (which can also be seen in the stars, by the way).

Don’t knock yourself out for the wrong man when you don’t have to. There’s a better way… a way that doesn’t have you doing all the “work” for none of the payoff.

Mistake #3: Thinking That If You FEEL Ready For Love, Then You ARE Ready For Love

Are you tired of experiencing no good responses to your online dating ad, dating men who come on strong but disappear, swooning over that handsome stranger who turns out to be married?


Why won’t love come your way? That astrology page in Cosmo promised you’d find a tall, handsome stranger who would sweep you off your feet…last month!

From my experience these bouts of bad luck have nothing to do with you or what you’re doing or not doing, because 99.9% of the time the truth of it is something profound and beautiful…


That’s right – we all have personal astrological cycles that bring certain things forward in our lives, for good or bad. Love is no exception.

The timing of your romantic story can be predicted, much like predicting the weather.

If you’re not in your “Season of Love” then, no matter how hard you try – you won’t find the kind of true and lasting love you are looking for!

But wait – it gets even more complicated…

For a relationship to lead to “happily ever after” it’s not enough that YOU be in a powerful love cycle.

THE MAN you’re with must be in one as well.

It’s for this one reason ALONE that so many wonderful women endure endless rejection and pain… It’s simply not their time – YET.

I hope you’re starting to see that astrology is more complicated and powerful in your love life than just what sign you are.

But guess what? Despite all this, it’s not enough to have the smiling stars bless you and your personal life. There’s something even MORE important…

Realizing The Blessing Of The Stars Is Not Enough To Have A ‘Heaven Sent’ Relationship

Okay, so you’ve found your perfect match, you each feel an amazing connection, you’re both excellent relationship material, and you got together during your mutual “Seasons of Love.” Congratulations! You’ve truly found something precious and rare. And guess what? You can still blow it and end up alone…

That’s because it’s every bit as important to know HOW TO DO RELATIONSHIPS… as it is to FIND THE RIGHT PERSON TO DO A RELATIONSHIP WITH

The stars don’t tell the whole story – you have FREE WILL! It’s not enough to have the blessings of celestial forces… you have to know how to actually create attraction, how to communicate, how to ask for help, how to set boundaries, how to hold out for “Mr. Right,” and on and on.

So if you’re single right now, or in a relationship that doesn’t seem like it’s working because you’re not getting all that you want or need – please know that it’s not only possible to IMPROVE your situation more quickly than you ever believed before… it’s practically guaranteed once you learn how.

When you know how to let the magic of the stars combined with the RIGHT tools and insights that WORK with men, then your destiny can FINALLY bring you the kind of effortless, loving relationship I’ve helped other women enjoy.

You don’t have to waste your time and energy ever again…

So let’s get to the good news:

I put everything I’ve learned, taught, coached and successfully shared with women in the last two decades down in one easy-to-read eBook.

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When I decided to write a book to help women succeed in personal relationships with men I felt STRONGLY that this kind of book had to include BOTH the most empowering ancient truths about astrology… along with the no-nonsense relationship advice that stands on its own no matter what your shining stars say.

My eBook, Love Is In The Stars, is the culmination of all of my years of coaching women, working as an astrologer, interviewing relationship experts, and leading groups of women in seminars

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Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn from my eBook Love Is In The Stars

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How To Know If This Book Is For You

If you’re an open-minded woman who loves spiritual truths as well as practical, hands-on information, and you’re ready to do WHAT WORKS with men, no matter what your relationship status, then this book is for you.

One of the best things about my eBook is that you can enjoy all the benefits of Astrology and how it plays a huge role in your love life without you having to have ANY experience whatsoever with Astrology.

In fact, it’s probably more helpful if you don’t have any significant experience with Astrology. (Because what I’m sharing here most likely isn’t what you’ve EVER heard of in an Astrology book, a “compatibility” software report, or even from a flesh-and-blood astrologer before.)

One caveat, though: my eBook won’t give you specific advice based on your or your man’s astrological signs. For that, you’ll need to order one of my special reports and enter your detailed birth information.

Otherwise, my eBook is the perfect handbook for what astrology can teach you about your life as well as time-tested tools and strategies for improving any romantic relationship.

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In the meantime, may God and his planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

P.S. If you’re feeling hopeless in your situation and don’t think ANYTHING can make things better – I urge you to not make any big decisions or changes until you’ve read my book and learned what is going to work. Many women have felt completely at a loss in their love lives by the time they’ve turned to me (this is usually a necessary “breakdown” that precedes their “break through”) just certain that nothing could help. And I have a box full of thank you cards and TONS OF EMAILS from them telling me these methods SAVED THE DAY, whether they were single or unhappily married… So give it a shot. You owe it to yourself to find out and be completely at peace that you’ve done all you can. You may just be pleasantly surprised…

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