What Would It Do For Your Life If Every Man You Knew Was Suddenly On Your Side?

If They Were Helpful, Supportive, Thoughtful, And Even HAPPY When You Were Around?

And If From Now On, Every Important Man You Met Were, Too, Because You Knew JUST How To Be With Them In Such A Way That Inspired Their Best?

Can This Really Happen? Read On…

Dear Friend,

Do you wish men were easier to deal with?

That they were more helpful, more honest, more available when you needed them, more willing to communicate?

Wouldn’t it be awesome to know JUST what to do with them, how to be, what to say, when to leave them alone, when to push… the works?

And I’m not just talking about the men in your romantic life… No, I’m talking about ALL the men in your life. The men you work with, the men you work for, the ones you’re related to, the ones you stand next to in line at Starbucks.

You know – your brother, your uncle, your nephew, your cousin, your postman…

Wouldn’t it be amazing if EVERY interaction with every important man in your life went well? If they actually made an effort to make you feel taken care of, respected, understood – heck, even loved?

I’m sure you’ve noticed, men are everywhere… and, even if you don’t want to date them or marry them, odds are you’re interacting with them all the time.

So, unless you live on “Wonder Woman Island,” you have to deal with men. (Okay, silly joke… I’m more of a “Cat Woman” fan myself. Okay, that was another dumb joke… back to the important stuff!)

I can honestly say, men have given me the moon and stars… (Literally! I had FOUR male astrology mentors knock themselves out for me for years, teaching me everything they knew.)

I’ve had male business partners spoil me rotten and invest in my dreams like crazy, male colleagues treat me like gold, male relatives drop what they’re doing any time I needed them, always on my side.

Most of my closest friends are men.

And to this day, my best friend is my husband, Bill. (Hi, honey!)

Am I especially lucky? Flirty? Busty? Rich? (Answers: No, okay kinda, hell no, and not yet… ha ha!)

What is it then?

Two things:

I REALLY like men, and they can tell and so like being around me…

I’ve made it my business (I’m sure you’ve noticed!) to understand ALL THINGS MEN.

And, by understanding men, I like men all the more! Which takes us back to reason #1…

So, really, it’s because of one thing.

I’ve made it my business to understand ALL THINGS MEN. No matter their sign or astrology chart.

And I’m just amazed at how many otherwise bright and successful women don’t “speak man.”

So they don’t get them, don’t know how to deal with them, and don’t make the most of their relationships with men – if they have them at all.

If you don’t “speak man,” odds are you unknowingly put men off, push them away, make them angry or shut down, and often end up disappointed in the entire male species. Sigh…

If that’s you – then help is here…

Learn How To “Make Every Man Your Hero”…

In ten parts, we’ll cover the following:
  • The physical, emotional, and verbal differences between men and women (those things that may feel so painful and personal to you may just be universally challenging for all men and women and not personal at all!)
  • Unbelievable truths about sex most women DO NOT know (like that men need three times as much touch to maintain an emotional connection, women can have a whopping eleven kinds of orgasms!, the pill can kill your sex drive, having sex actually helps KEEP you fertile and boosts your immunity, and more…)
  • The nine stages of a healthy relationship (recognize what stage you’re at, so you know what to expect or what’s unfair and likely to sabotage your love)
  • How to know if you’re an Alpha Female or a Beta, and what it means for your love life
  • The four worst behaviors that statistically precede a break-up (and how to never engage in them again, unless you want to break up soon!)
  • The damaging myths most women believe about men that are NOT true – and the critical truths about men so many women miss (learn these and he’ll love you forever!)
  • Why healthy men need relationships MORE than women do – and how to spot them (and avoid the unhealthy ones from now on)
  • How to inspire your partner to please you, and get a lot more from him (and have him actually like it)
  • The happy reality that most men will happily go out of their way to make you happy – as long as you do just a few key things (and NEVER do just a few other things…)
  • The empowering truth that women lead the way to love – want more love? Then learn to lead the way! (You don’t have to, you get to…)
  • And more!
Part One: “Communication – Draw Men Closer”

We’ll cover a bunch of amazing truths about communicating with men, such as:

>>Why they talk so much less than we do, and how to draw them out

>>Why they’re so literal, often missing our emotional meaning all together

>>Why they more than we need to talk, the less they want to (one of God’s cruel jokes on all of us)

>>What to do to reconnect with them after a tough conversation

>>How to get them to hear anything you need to say – all by saying it in a way that works

>>The #1 way to guarantee they’ll shut down and shut up – when you need them most (once you learn this, you’ll never do this again…)

>>and so much more…

Part Two: “Is He A Hero Or A Zero? – Separating The Men From The Boys…”

We’ll cover:

>>how to quickly determine if a man is a good guy, bad guy, or “clueless guy” (the most dangerous!) – before you get too hurt, or work too hard…

>>how to “man-ipulate” the difficult men in your life you can’t get rid of – in a way that will make you both happy…

>>ways to identify a “bad boy” before he behaves badly…

>> “planetary personality types” to help you know who’s who…

>>questions to ask a man to quickly identify his maturity level…

>> how to bring your own “hero” forward, by ramping up your own “frequency” to attract and inspire good stuff from others

>> And much more!

Part Three: “Myths of Men”

Many of us have been told cultural lies that keep us from or seeing or believing in the good in men… so we are “shut down” toward them right from the start, reacting to them in a way that communicates we don’t like them, trust them, or admire them… Find out the TRUTH about men, and why these myths might be keeping you from having love and all-around good mojo with the men of the world.

Part Four: The Laws of Relationships

Every relationship, no matter what kind, has strengths and limitations… and understanding powerful results of research studies as to what ALL relationships involve and go through, take so much “blame and shame” out of them. Struggles you may be experiencing with the men in your life that feel so uniquely personal and painful to you, might just be part of what all of us go through. Find out what you can fix, what you have to accept, and what you should walk away from, as well as how to increase goodwill, connection, avoid fighting, diffuse conflict, communicate your honest feelings, and more.

Part Five: Reading Men – It’s In The Stars

Whenever I hear women say, “Men are this way…” or “Isn’t it true that men do BLANK?” I usually respond with, “YES, but only SOME men.” Because SOME men will be a certain way and need certain things, and some men won’t. The best way to know what a specific man will do, need, want, and respond well to, is to find out what KIND of man he is. And the stars can help.

We’ll dive into “Planetary Personality Profiles” – quick short-cuts to help you understand what kind of man (or men) you’re dealing with, so that you’ll have a short-cut to what moves him, inspires him, makes him open up, and makes him shut down so that you can have the most fun, love, and support with him (or them) from now on.

Part Six: Alpha or Beta – What Kind of Woman Are You, and How Do Men Respond? It’s In The Stars

We’ve all heard about “masculine” and “feminine” energy – but what’s amazing is that it can all be seen in the stars! Every sign, and every planet is either deemed masculine or feminine in nature, and depending on which influences dominate your chart, you can be either more of one or the other – or an equal mix of both. This has a huge impact on who you attract, love, and get along with (or don’t!). Find out which you are, and which men you do best with, and how to increase one “vibe” or the other within yourself if you want to shift this. (This is the #1 thing I see causing women trouble with men – this week is one of the most important!)

Part Seven: Sex – How To Feel Safe, Adored, and Keep Him Coming Back For More…

The amazing science of sex, and why it’s so important for longevity, immunity, fertility, and happiness that we all have lots of it, and that it be good! (Don’t try to be so “spiritual” about this part of your life that you deny it…) How to navigate “when” to have sex, tips to keep it going well for years with one man, and ways to enjoy sex at every life stage (there are so many things we can do – when we know what to do!). The most important things that inspire men sexually (and no, I’m not talking about boobs!) and make them open up emotionally between the sheets, too – increasing intimacy as well as chemistry… Oooh – this is gonna be FUN!

Part Eight: Creating Your Vision of Love – And Locking It In So You Get It…

So often in life we get discouraged… and hurt, making it hard to believe we’ll ever have what we really want. This pain can make continuing to want what we don’t have excruciating, causing us to “harden our hearts” and give up our dreams. This self-protection, however, becomes “self-rejection” – ensuring we never get what we want. I’ll help you to remember what you want in your life with men, get clear you can have it, and create a vision so beautiful and powerful for yourself that you’ll get out of your own way to ensure it comes true. I have some powerful tools and resources to share (some ancient!) that will help you to actually ramp up your “love frequency” and unblock your blocks to love. Ahhhh…

Wanna learn all this MAN-TASTIC material and become a woman the men of the world adore?

What Woman Who’ve Already Learned This Material From Me Have To Say…

“Okay; so I may not want to identify myself here, but I dispense this advice as part of what I do for a living, and I cannot commend you enough for your spot-on accuracy, and delightful presentation! Bravo, Amen and Hallelujah! May you get this message to the masses.”


“I have noticed my inner voice sounding gentler, more positive, less critical….. surprising.”

Elu, Alberta, CA

“I am noticing I feel happier, and am noticing I am getting noticed more by guys, and just feeling more open to people in general! I am learning so much right now from you – can’t believe at age 52 it took me so long to get this info. and to finally start being a person who loves herself. I may actually be ready to be in relationship in a healthy way! Thank you Carol!”

Roberta, Vermont

“You GO Carol. I love what you’re saying. Amen Yes !! Thank you for your wonderful teachings. Thank you. I have learned tons. Love you lots. Well done and thank you and thank God for you…I love your teaching you are awesome!” :=)

Eileen, Brighton, UK

“I love how you’re sharing this important information! Thank you for this amazing opportunity and how affordable it is. Thank you so much!!”

Cory, Toronto, Canada

“OMG I love your programs. I always feel so uplifted and amazing after listening to you. You are helping so much to empower us beautiful woman who lose our foundations at times and don’t feel our best selves. Thanks again for your help in getting grounded. Love you, Carol.”

Susie M., Miami, FL

“Your work is so inspiring, needed & appreciated, Carol. Your energy is fantastic, you’re fun and informative to boot. I did your online course “Make your man a Hero” I still refer to your course, newsletters & anything I can get my hands in by you. I was terrible at relationships as well as being way too independent. All the information you have provided has helped me acquire great relationship skills now, not just romantically. I am so grateful I found you, you are such a blessing to the world (I’m in Australia) and touched so many lives – you have no idea……much love & blessings to you and your family.”

Sue D., Australia

“I honestly believe that choosing to take your workshop was one of the best doors I could have opened for myself. Well worth flying across the country for (the weather was just a bonus!). Thank you so much again.”

A.S., Minneapolis, MN.

“Hi, Carol – I wanted to say thank you for an awesome workshop. The information you shared is priceless. I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly grateful I am. I am a different woman, completely transformed, having absorbed much of that material already and I continue to take in and enhance my understanding of what makes me a better woman in relationship to men so that I am ready for my guy when he arrives, and so that I may have the love and life with this man that I have dreamed of. I am on a mission and I am so incredibly grateful for the wealth of knowledge you have to share. You will be at my wedding!” xoxo

L.C., Los Angeles, CA

“Wow, Carol… just wow. You are amazing and the workshop was AWESOME!! I can’t thank you enough for opening Your Heart To Me… Hallelujah & AMEN! ;)”

E.G., Palm Desert, CA

“Hi there Carol, Thanks so much for a fun and enlightening course! I feel so much stronger and validated! And am totally jazzed. I gave up being in fantasy and committed to the reality of my beloved ~ huge for me. Thanks so much for all the work you do to help us make our dreams come true. Thanks a bunch!”


“Hi Carol! I got so much out of your seminar, and learned so much about myself. It’s totally changed the way I am looking at my life. Thank you, Carol! xo”

A.K., Los Angeles, CA

“Hi Carol! What an incredibly informative and enjoyable workshop you organized and presented! I learned so much that has made me aware of and given me insight into the blunders I was making with men.”

Y.B., Valencia, CA

“Hi Carol, I wanted to thank you again for such an awesome course. It was a huge treat to learn the art of being a woman in a relationship with her man. So much has happened since then. . . following my dramatic expression of heartache after my break up during the class, I shamefully took him back. He came back ‘changed’ and committed to improving our relationship. Well, that didn’t last, but it took me 3 more months to end it again. We broke up and he finally moved out. I’ve been great since. It was a great relief and I finally feel like I am getting ‘ME’ back. I truly have you to thank for giving me the courage and support to make that long overdue shift to regain myself back and learn all the valuable lessons the relationship provided for me. Thank you again. With love,”

T.I., Long Beach, CA

“Carol I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the course! The information is invaluable, and the vibe of such a group is transformative.”

J.B., Austen, TX

“THANK YOU Carol! Absolutely loved the class! It was unique to anything I’ve done thus far and so clarifying and helpful. Who knew I could have so much FUN learning about intimacy? I picked up some wonderfully useful information that’s backed statistically and ‘scientifically.’ I know my marriage will greatly benefit from these new insights and tools. Thank you Carol for a fabulous and transformational experience! Much love and gratitude.”

A.U., Malibu, CA

“Dear Carol, Thank YOU for an absolutely outstanding course! I learned so much, and was continuously amazed and inspired by your teaching. I feel like I made quantum leaps in consciousness all along and the transformation continues to unfold. You have my heartfelt thanks for the lessons you shared, which have enabled to me see my sometimes destructive patterns, understand their origins, and grow beyond these limitations.”

R.T., Arizona

“Hey Carol, Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly learn MORE from you as my relationship coach/Vedic Astrologer, I DID!! I cannot BEGIN to put into words how much valuable & awe-inspiring information I got from you. The statistics, pointers, anagrams, quotes and myths (just to name a few) followed by your extensive research were ‘on point.’ I highly recommend this to anyone who has a smidgen of doubt in achieving their romantic goals. You’re a Godsend to all us women who thought ‘Is it ME?’ all these years; now we know that the male and female species ARE different yet wonderful in their own right. Your friend always.”

W.V., Brooklyn, N.Y.

“Loved this class! The information was invaluable. It has changed the way I interact with men in my business, social, and romantic lives. We learned what to do, what not to do and busted a ton of relationship myths that get us women in trouble with our men.”

V.M., Los Angeles, CA

I’ve literally seen this information lead to miracles:

>> The almost instantaneous healing of broken hearts that have been broken for years

>> The clarity AT LAST after decades of confusion

>> The belief for the first time that real love is possible

>> The knowledge that good men actually DO exist… (I promise, they do!)

>> The understanding of just how much POWER you have to create all the love and support you want in your life… ahhh…

Bonus Call For Singles: Stages of Relationships – Know What Should Happen and When…

Relationships have predictable stages, and knowing what stage you’re in allows you to relax, enjoy what’s happening and stop worrying about what’s not happening, and know just what to expect and ask of a man (and yourself!). I’ve found there are roughly nine stages all relationships go through before they ever get to “happily ever after” – things can break down or deepen and grow at any stage, making knowing how to successfully navigate them all the more important.

Bonus Call For Those Already Committed: How To Know If He’s Your “Right Man” – And Make Him Love You Forever…

We all sometimes doubt our relationships, and worry we’re with the wrong person… even when we’re married or in a long-term, committed thing… How do you know when you should wonder, or when it might be your own inability to be happy? We’ll cover the most critical things a man must do and be for you to be able to stop doubting (and by this time, you’ll have seen amazing changes for the better in him and your relationship, I can assure you!) and how to ensure you stay as close and connected as possible. We’ll cover the results of rigorous marriage studies, the four behaviors that always precede a breakup or divorce, the ways long-term couples increase goodwill and negotiate differences, the two different communication styles and how to know if yours are compatible, and more.

Bonus Report: The Five Astrological Archetypes of Relationships*

There are five different astrological combinations I see again and again that indicate a woman’s greatest strengths and weaknesses when it comes to relationships. All of us have one that dominates our chart. Understanding this about yourself can dramatically improve your peace of mind, self-acceptance, and awareness of how you impact others for good and not-so-good.

Why We All Need This Information…

Listen, you and I both know the world would be a far better place if men were more like us… but they’re not. And according to scientists who study such things, apparently they haven’t changed much at all in hundreds of thousands of years. So, I’m guessing they’re not going to any time soon.

So since you can’t change the men of the world, how about getting some Jedi-level tools to deal with them?

All kidding aside, women who’ve studied this material with me, regularly say things like:

– “Wow, I totally get why my marriage failed… If I’d known this, we’d likely still be together.”

– “Now I finally understand why my parents divorced…”

– “OMG – so THAT’S why my brother has been so angry all these years! No wonder!”

– “I never would have stayed with that Bozo for so long and wasted so much time if I’d known this stuff sooner…”

After they complete the course, within weeks they say things like:

– “Whoa, Carol, my boss is giving me everything I wanted… I can’t believe it.”

– “I just had the best visit with my dad I’ve ever had in my entire life…”

– “I feel like I can finally let go of that unavailable man I was hanging on to. I now see that he’s never going to come around. What a relief!”

– “Wow – I have so much more confidence in all of my dealings with men. And they’re liking it!”

It’s soooo cool!

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When you get the CDs, I suggest you listen to them several times….

I’m sharing a tremendous amount of cutting-edge relationship research, information, tips, techniques, and real-life stories of things other women done to turn their relationships around, so recommend you listen to them regularly for a while until the material becomes second nature for you, too.

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I’m so excited to be offering this course and so grateful to the Gods of technology that we can communicate in this way no matter where you live or how far apart we are… it’s incredible.

This is my very favorite wisdom to share. Even though I adore the insights of astrology, this material is more important, more foundational.

It works with virtually all men of any sign, no matter his chart or yours, or your compatibility. (If you have perfect compatibility with a guy, but blow this stuff, it will quickly go south… and if you have difficult compatibility but follow these “man-tastic” rules, you’ll get the best out of the situation – but I still wouldn’t marry the guy… You gotta have BOTH going for you for that.)

If you have a man whose behavior has mystified you, or hurt your heart… I promise this course can help you find peace, and can keep it from happening again.

I don’t mean to mislead you – not every man in the world is going to fall at your feet, giving you anything you want as soon as you complete the course.

Not every man is a good man… or healthy enough to be anyone’s hero.

But what you’ll discover will enable you to “separate the men from the boys.” You see, if this stuff doesn’t work on a guy, then you can rest assured you’re better off having as little to do with that guy as possible.

In other words, NEXT! You’ll spend less time on the wrong guys, and will stop trying to “knock yourself out” to please men who aren’t worth it… or who won’t happily knock themselves out for you, too.

Just think of the years of heartache and drama that could save you, and the lifetime of love and support you could gain…

I can’t wait to share all of this with you, and help you discover how much power you have to create the relationship you long for – with all the men in your life – currently, and from now on…

Much love,

Carol Allen

P.S. Since you’ve read this far, I know you’ve likely learned a lot about men and how to get along with them already… and are a smart woman with a lot of wisdom of your own. But think about it: If you learn just ONE thing that helps you have better communication, more sexual satisfaction, or more peace of mind as you navigate a relationship’s stages, what could that do for your life?

Making these recordings with real women in real time, was one of the most gratifying things I’ve done professionally. I was so pleased at how much they participated, and the enthusiasm they shared for the information. And I hear again and again from graduates, how much they feel it’s changed their lives for the better.

I’ve taken the best of what I’ve taught in workshops about men for seven years, and I just know you’ll LOVE what I’ve discovered WORKS – and the men in your life will love YOU, more than ever. I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to discover how to inspire every man in your life to be the best man he can – for you!

As a Vedic astrologer and relationship coach who’s been happily married since 1990, Carol Allen has made it her mission to show women how the stars combined with their own right actions can help them make the most of their love lives. Her methods are a unique marriage of East and West, combining her training in the astrology of India with cutting-edge, real-world relationship research.

Carol’s been featured on E!, Bridezillas, EXTRA, and in Chicken Soup For The Soul, and Woman’s World. Dr. Drew called Carol’s advice “Profound” on his TV show, “LifeChangers” and Daily Candy said Carol is “Cooler than Karma.”

She is the author of Love Is In The Stars – The Wise Woman’s Astrological Guide To Men.

To sign up for her free astrology and love newsletter and find her catalog of books, personalized astrology reports, and relationship programs, please go to www.loveisinthestars.com.

(*) The archetypes are also explained in my program, “Single Syndrome” in case you’ve heard me mention them before. Thanks!
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