Do you hate internet dating?

Do you get a lot of attention from men you’re not attracted to, and virtually no attention from men you are?

Does it just feel like a big waste of time?

Then I promise you, you’re not doing it right…


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If only there was a simple, quick formula to massively improve your internet dating experience…

To maximize your photos and messaging, so that ONLY the men you want are inspired to contact you, and the odds of ending up with a great guy (and I mean, a really great guy) would go way up.

All while being authentic and true to yourself…

Well, it turns out there is. You just have to know what you’re doing!

And time and again I’m surprised by how difficult most women find it… and how poorly they present themselves.

Even the coolest, smartest, most accomplished and attractive women I work with don’t have a clue how to lure love to them online.

Here’s the thing - internet dating is a form of sales and marketing - YOU are the product, and the right man for you is your IDEAL customer.

I know that doesn’t sound romantic at all - it makes you feel like a piece of meat hanging from a hook in a tent in the middle of the town square. So you don’t want to think about it in this way.

And yet, it’s true.

So you better know what your “ideal customer” wants… and how to communicate to him through your photos and writing that YOU have what he wants.
I’ve been teaching clients how to do this, and it works like you wouldn’t believe…
Clients regularly send me texts and emails like this:

Knowing the rules of sales and marketing and implementing them into your online efforts will do two important things: put off the men you don’t want (because they’ll know they are not what you’re looking for) and make the ones you do want stand up and say,

“Eureka! There she is!”

I’ve literally made it my business to understand what makes a woman stand out in a sea of other great women to impress the man for her that she’s THE ONE.

This combined with my years of marketing training and experience (my marketing mentor made $100M by the time he was forty!) has enabled me to help countless women find love online fast - even when they weren’t getting any “action or satisfaction” before.

But day after day I hear from frustrated singles and while there are millions of you, there’s only one of me, so I want to get more women together at once.

So I’m hosting a free webinar entitled,“Blow His Mind Online - Internet Dating Tips for Women” and I can’t wait to share it with you…

On this webinar, I’ll share information I’ve seen help women like you have a lot more confidence, fun, and fulfilling romantic RESULTS from online dating sites and apps, so you can stop drowning in attention from men you’re not attracted to (or who are cat fishing and lying to you) and instead quickly find HIM!
We’ll cover…

>>> How to avoid the top mistakes women make with their pictures, and instead have pics that are all a big WOW…

>>> The SIX top reasons men are internet dating, and how to incorporate each of the six into everything you do online and off to impress men, and separate yourself from all the other great women competing for his attention… (because most women don’t know any of this.)

>>> How to figure out what kind of man you want, and what would motivate him to want to meet YOU…

>>> Your “unique advantage in the marketplace” - the thing that is a huge asset of yours over other women - and how you can start leveraging this to lure quality men to you…

In my experience, it often just takes simple tweaks and changes to yield dramatic results fast.

Many of my clients meet their partners in mere days to weeks, after years of roaming around in the digital desert, lonely and exhausted by it all.

And all of them tell me the caliber and quantity of attention they get goes way up immediately…

Here’s a common thing that happens once women know what to do. A client called me recently complaining that only super “old” guys were writing to her, and that she was hating online dating. I looked at her profile and in less than one hour we made several MAN-tastic changes. I said to her, “Get ready, your life is about to change.”

The next morning she sent me this: “So mailbox blew up overnight… it’s actually bringing in very bright, accomplished and good looking men… not too young and not too old… and many coffee/date invitations! This is fun! Thank you again for your coaching help!”

Her experience is typical. She went from thinking internet dating didn’t work, to KNOWING it does, if you know what you’re doing. Find out what she did to turn it all around.

I can’t wait to “see” you there!

And when you register, you’ll receive a bonus “Internet Dating Guide” by my friend and longtime love expert, Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret.

According to Arielle, everyone would prefer to have love happen organically but that only happens to less than 2% of the population. Research proves that those who end up “happily ever after” follow a winning game plan.

In this quick guide you’ll learn:
- The 10 Best Reasons to Date Online
- How to write an online profile
- Basic dating safety tips
- And much more!

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Carol’s been featured on E!, Bridezillas, EXTRA, and in Chicken Soup For The Soul and Woman's World. Dr. Drew called Carol’s advice “Profound” on his TV show, “LifeChangers” and Daily Candy said Carol is “Cooler than Karma.”​

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