Internet dating can be a soul-sucking waste of your time and energy, leading to a lot of go-nowhere contact with men you don’t want and rejection from men you do want…

(Not to mention all the liars and “cat fishers” trying to fool you at every turn.)

And yet, online dating is the number one way people meet and marry.

How can you eliminate all the bozos and hassle, and just get the attention and love you want?

If only there was a simple, quick formula to massively improve your photos and messaging, so that ONLY the men you want are inspired to contact you, and the odds of ending up with a great guy (and I mean, a really great guy) went way up, all while being authentic and true to yourself?

Well, there is!

Dear friend,

People mostly only call me when things aren’t going well.

Here’s a true story from earlier this year…

“Carol, I can’t take it. I’m too lonely…” it was my beautiful fifty-year-old client, Ellen. “I’m gonna go back to Steve.”

She’d broken up with Steve, her “almost/but not quite right” boyfriend, four months before.


He was a great person, they had great sex, he made her laugh, he wanted her to move in… but he drove her nuts.

He was moody. He didn’t like going out. He didn’t like shopping, or plays, or museums (all things she loved)…

He lived kind of far away, and was constantly changing and/or breaking plans with Ellen at the last minute because of the whims and scheduling of his ex - because they shared a teenage daughter.

So she couldn’t rely on him to be there for her. And they didn’t get enough time together.

And when he was around, he only wanted to do what he wanted to do… So she was constantly annoyed, disappointed, and resentful.

(Why are there so many Steve’s  in the world, I ask you?)

“Ellen,” I said. “Quit torturing the man. You’re only going to end up dumping him again.”

She grew silent.

“And you’re only going to be lonely with him anyway.”

“But at least I’d have someone…” she said, her voice trailing off.

“Listen… You’ve NEVER really committed to what you want. You’ve never really had the relationship you want. And you always end up falling for the men that choose you, without really figuring out early on if you can get your needs met, and be truly happy.”

“Well, that’s true…” she admitted, quietly.

“What if you made a real effort, and we put together a GREAT internet dating profile with fantastic photos and you just saw what happened?”

“I dunno… Internet dating sucks,” she said, sounding like every client and single friend I’ve ever had when I first bring up the topic.

“Give it thirty days. Just thirty days. And then reevaluate.”


“I dare you.”

“But I have,” she answered, exasperated. “I’ve been doing it. No one interesting contacts me. Everyone is boring. It’s too much work. I can’t stand it.”

But I knew differently. I thought of the many clients I’d helped with it, many who found love fast. Who prior to working with me also felt like there was “no one interesting” and that it was “too time-consuming” for not enough pay-off, and that they’d never find HIM that way...

“Show me what you’re doing,” I said.

She sent me her dating site log-in, and screen shots of her profile and photos from the app she was on, and there it was. What I always see.

The same mistakes every client I’ve ever had makes…

Her pictures did NOT flatter her. She’s super attractive, but it’s like she didn’t want the men of the world to know…


She had food in her teeth in one. (Swear!)


She’s tall and fit with a great figure, but she didn’t have a full-length photo so no man could tell.


And in the one that was almost full-length and could’ve shown her off, she was wearing a puffy jacket that hid her form… and made her look like she might even be fat.


And the kicker? One of her photos was a selfie in the car, and because it was a selfie, she wasn’t looking into the camera, so her gaze was off… (why, oh why does everyone take selfies in the bathroom and the car??)


So what happened?


I made her take better photos… with a girlfriend and some specific instructions I gave them.


I taught her how to write a profile that was irresistible, highlighting her strengths and most attractive qualities, and what she had to offer a man.


And I picked a great day in the stars for her to hit “live” on the dating app and site.


And what happened?


ONE WEEK LATER SHE MET AN AMAZING GUY and they quickly fell madly in love…


She doesn’t call me unhappy or lonely anymore.


Instead we just have text exchanges like this:



And this…



That took seven measly days. One photo session and a rewrite. (But it had to be the RIGHT photos and rewrite…)


She almost went back to Mr. “I’m grumpy and everything is on my timeline and terms” and missed out on THAT guy.


“So do you still ever miss Steve?” I asked her a few weeks into her new relationship.


“Steve who?” she responded.


Now, I know what you’re thinking…


Ellen is just one anecdotal story.


And she’s beautiful.


So, of COURSE it worked for her.


Well, guess what? I could sit here and tell you stories all day about women older than Ellen, not as fit, not as tall, not as attractive, having the same kind of results.


In fact, everyone I’ve taught my “magic formula” to has had big improvements in looking for love online, and many have been able to stop internet dating forever - because they found their guy!


It’s worked so well, even I’ve been surprised by it! ;)


My client Vicki is in her late fifties and was terrified to try internet dating.


She’d been divorced twice - once from an abusive guy, and a second time from an active alcoholic (and I don’t mean he’d go to the gym before drinking… I mean he was actively drinking!).


She was just sure she’d get no attention.


She had her niece take photos as per my instructions, and we crafted a profile together highlighting her most “man-tastic” pleasing qualities, and guess what happened?


After three days she sent me this text:



This was one month into the “lockdown” portion of the pandemic, by the way…


(I always say, nothing can stop love!)


My client, Kari, is in her late forties. She told me the usual - that she’d “never meet anyone online.”


She sent me her photos, and I actually gasped.


Her profile picture was absolutely terrible.


She looked miserable!


She wasn’t smiling. She looked startled, with wide eyes and a scowl on her face - like she was surprised by something that she did not like.


Her hair was messy and looked like she’d just rolled out of bed.


I couldn’t believe it!


Her profile was very conceptual, and philosophical. It read like a heady poem.


But it didn’t say anything that could help a man picture what being with her would be like. It didn’t say anything about how his life would be better with her in it.


It would make a guy be in his head as he read it, not in his heart.


But honestly, with that terrible first photo, no man was ever going to read her profile anyway.


I made her swap it out for an attractive headshot, had her rewrite her profile so she sounded like a real person a man could actually envision being with, and told her that her life was about to change.


Here’s the FaceBook message she sent me the next day:



Here's the thing: I only coach privately with a dozen women a year…


In the last two years three have gotten married, several have had serious relationships, five have found their dream guy they’re sure they’ll be with forever, and they all have had far more attention and fun internet dating.


Oh yeah, and one got engaged LAST NIGHT. (I’m not kidding!) She sent me this as I was writing this very letter…



Last year I held a short class on my methods at the beginning of the pandemic knowing this would likely be the only way women could look for love.

A couple of days ago I wrote to the women who attended, asking if they’d implemented what I shared, and if anything had happened as a result.

That night I got this email:

Hello Carol, 

I received your email about your dating webinar and I’m glad to share some feedback. 

I took copious notes during that event and can summarize my experience by saying that I did indeed follow most of your advice. Probably the most helpful were your suggestions regarding what men most wanted to see or read in your online profile. It all confirmed and complimented my own beliefs with some additional “ah ha!” moments, and I implemented those suggestions… 

Within two weeks I met the man I am now engaged to be married to, scheduled for March of 2022. I just realized that is exactly 2 years since your webinar! 

I am very happy with our relationship knowing I took the steps to prepare emotionally and mentally, and grateful we are so in tune with each other… 

Thank you, Carol! 

:-) Alexandra

Yay, Alexandra! And, yes, I have the coolest job ever… 

So, I have a problem. There’s just one of me, and there are millions of you…

So I’ve decided I have to share this with more than one women at a time.

In my experience, most women are needlessly missing out on the power of this amazing access to a world of men they’d never otherwise meet.

Because that’s what internet dating gives you - ACCESS.

The ability to connect with men you’d never connect with any other way.

And the medium to help you know UP FRONT some of who a guy is, what he’s looking for, and if you’re aligned in important ways (like kids, pets, religion, etc.).

Because here’s the thing - even though most people claim “they hate it” - it’s the NUMBER ONE way couples meet and marry. And according to a big-time expert on the topic at Stanford University, it has been for a long time.

My sister NEVER would have found her awesome husband if she hadn’t gone online. She belonged to the local tennis club, while he was playing golf at the nearby golf club. He has a big corporate job, while she works for herself from home. Both are homebodies who never would have had a “cute meet” anywhere.

Ellen never would have “bumped into” her new guy in the real world. They live forty minutes apart, are in different industries, are both busy with their kids, and had no friends in common…

I’ve had clients tell me, “I met as many high-caliber quality men in two weeks online as used to take me two years…”

You see, before internet dating it was rough… you had to “know someone who knew someone…”

We all went on a lot of bad blind dates.

You had to chat with strangers out in the real world.

You had to flirt.

It helped if you drank… a lot. (Kidding!)

You had to try to look good, all the time.

You couldn’t be home snuggled in your yoga pants, with your hair in a scrunchy, asking your best friend what to say in response to a guy, carefully crafting the perfect answer.

Oh no. You had to actually be primped and scrubbed, thinking on your feet, out of your comfort zone, out of the house...

So, if you’re still sitting there thinking, “But I don’t WANT to internet date!”

I understand. I mean, there is a downside. Even when you know how to do the super, powerful stuff I want to teach you.

Here’s a whole new problem you could have:

(Not so terrible, right? ;))

Let me tell you something shocking but important…

The Harsh Reality

Years ago a Hollywood television casting director took one of my workshops.

And she shared with us all something incredible.

She had just spent several months working on a dating show, and she’d interviewed hundreds of men for it in both New York and Los Angeles.

“Every single man I met with, from all walks of life - young guys, older guys, white guys, black and brown guys, rich guys, broke guys, you name it - all said the same thing. They ONLY date online.”

“What?!” we all gasped. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, they ALL said they do NOT pick up women in the real world anymore. They don’t try to meet women any other way.”

She went on to explain:

>> They like knowing that the women are single (something they can’t tell when they run into you at Starbucks)

>> They like knowing that you want men to reach out to you (something they can’t tell when they see you obsessively looking at your phone at the dog park)

>> They like finding out ahead of time if your interests and lifestyles are aligned -  if you’re up for something fun or serious, if you drink or smoke, if you’re religious or atheist, your political affiliation, and what you look like in a nice dress or in your best pair of jeans (hint - have pics of each!)…

They don’t want to be “that guy” that bugs a woman that’s not interested, or not available.

They don’t want to stick their neck out, only to get shot down.

They’ve had enough of that by seventh grade to last a lifetime!

And why should they, when there’s a seemingly endless ocean of attractive, interesting women they can safely approach from afar in mere minutes on their phone, without  risking much?

(And, like you, they can be home in sweats asking their bros what to say if a woman they’re attracted to responds… have you figured out yet that we’re all still in high school? ;))

So if you’re single and not internet dating, odds are you’re not dating at all…

Let’s break down what else you could do:

  1. Join a gym and flirt. (Sure… but guys are in the weight room at six a.m. before work, or six p.m. after work - they aren’t taking Pilates or Spin class in the afternoon!) 
  1. Put on a little black dress and go to Happy Hour at a nice restaurant or hotel. (I actually highly recommend this, but every woman I tell to do this acts like I just said she should go streaking naked through Times Square in January. ;)) 
  1. Wait for your friends to set you up. (Ever notice your happily coupled/married friends only seem to know other couples? And the single guys they do know give you the creeps?) 
  1. Take up golf. (Sure, lots of men like golf. But did you know the acronym for golf is “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden?” And if you do see your dream man on a golf course or at the driving range, you better be very extroverted and have Mae West flirting skills to approach him.) 
  1. Go to parties. (Hey, I met my husband at a party and I’m all for this… but these days most people are still afraid to have a party, and half the people have masks on, and have lost much of their socializing skills.)

In other words, it’s a jungle out there…

LET’S STOP THE MADNESS… here’s what I’m proposing!

For the first time ever, I’m going to hold a 6-week course on all of this, and share all the tips and tricks I teach all of my private coaching clients about internet dating…

And I’ll “pull back the curtain” on everything that’s helped them go from “internet dating sucks” to “OMG, this is FUNNNN!”

I can’t promise you’ll find Mr. Forever, but I absolutely promise you’ll have a MUCH better time, meet far better men, and dramatically increase your odds of finding that “forever” guy.

I’m that confident.

I do something I’ve never seen done…

I combine what I’ve learned in my training and background in three areas:

  1. Journalism (how to create great “headlines,” that grab your “readers,” and write in a way that captivates and informs)
  2. Photography (how to take great photos where you are the STAR, without spending a bunch of money on photographers or equipment)
  3. Marketing (how to think like your “ideal customer,” i.e., the MAN you want, and make him see that YOU and ONLY YOU are what he’s looking for, too!)
  4. How to leverage the workings of the “male mind” to speak straight to the heart and soul of the man for you…


Week One: Getting Your Mind Right

  • understand the pitfalls and benefits of internet dating
  • the mindset that will enable you to enjoy the process and not burn out
  • the emotional preparation and ongoing support you need to make the most of it
  • a process to help you crystalize exactly what kind of man you’re looking for
  • how to not let any “bozos” steal your dream
  • the truth about what it’s like for men so you have some compassion… 


Week Two: Creating Love-Luring Photos

  • how many to have, what to wear
  • what colors work best
  • what poses are a must
  • how to make your eyes sparkle
  • how to take amazing selfies
  • tips from world-class photographers I know
  • secrets of make-up artists to make you look amazing and natural at the same time
  • and lots of incredible “before and after” examples from women I’ve worked with… 


Week Three: Crafting a winning profile that creates a feeling of connection just by reading it

  • how to write a headline that makes men take notice and want to know more
  • if on an app how to choose what questions to answer that will draw him in
  • what topics and words that are “man repellent” to avoid at all costs
  • what topics and words to include that are “man catnip” and will intrigue him
  • how to make the right men for you feel like you are talking straight to their heart and soul
  • a winning “call-to-action” at the end to make a man feel that internal YES and contact you… 


Week Four: How to engage with men

  • why it’s important to write to them first
  • what to say that will create curiosity and interest
  • how to deflect personal questions with class and humor
  • how to inspire them to want to know you better
  • how to get them to set up a phone date
  • how to ask follow-up questions if they say something weird/confusing/boring while still keeping things light and fun
  • how to avoid becoming a “pen pal”
  • how much time to wait between communications 


Week Five: Safety (We will discuss this through the course, but focus on it in depth this week)

  • how to make sure men can’t find out who you are until you want them to know
  • how to suss out “cat fishers” and liars before you get attached
  • how to how to handle meeting in person
  • when it’s okay to have them pick you up or go to their place 


Week Six: My Top Dating Tips (Once you get past messaging and phone calls, and actually MEET men!)

  • how to be a great date and make him want to see you again
  • archetypes of Singles and each of their strengths and weaknesses
  • the top five mistakes women make on dates that put off men (as taught to me by matchmakers)
  • questions to screen out the wrong guys quickly
  • and so much more… 


BONUS WEEK: Interviews with top, high-end portrait and fashion photographers on how to take photos that will make the man of your dreams fall in love with you with just one look… while still looking like yourself.

Here’s the scoop…

Enjoy the rest of December and the holiday season. Finish your greeting cards and gift shopping, eat your face off, and then ring in 2022…

Then, starting on Wednesday, January 5th, at 5:15 p.m. Pacific Time/7:15 p.m. Central/8:30 p.m. Eastern Time and for the following six weeks I’ll host a two-hour Zoom class for all attendees. 

Included with the course are: 

Examples of what questions to answer on apps like Hinge, that quickly go way beyond the many superficial, pointless ones they provide, and how to answer them in a way that will create a feeling of connection to you for a man right way, and make you stand out in a sea of other great women. 

Templates of winning profiles full of “man catnip” you can use to swap out and “plug in” your own info., making writing super easy peasy…

A FaceBook group where you can all stay in touch, and share progress. (If you aren’t on FB anymore, or don’t want to be, you can just create a simple “alter ego” profile just so you can be in the group! No worries… I’ll be active there, too, answering your questions and cheering you on. It will continue even after the course is over, so you can stay in touch with your new digital Soul Sisters. ;))

Access to all recordings of sessions forever…

BONUS: A seventh session on which I interview high-level portrait and fashion photographers to give you cutting-edge tips to make your photos aaaaaaaa-maaaaaaa-zing!

BONUS: A “Best Days to Date” astrology daily guide for 2022 written by me using advanced Vedic astrology techniques (something I’ve never offered before) taking into account highly complicated astrological influences, telling you best dates to launch your profile/apps, reach out to men first, have first dates, to ensure things go as well as possible. (The energies when something “begins” sets the tone for the outcome of it all…)

Here's How It Works

When you click on the order button below, you’ll go to my secure order page for your credit card or PayPal information, transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security. 

The course and all bonuses, and access to all recordings of the sessions are just $297.00. 

(And yes, because it’s Christmas, property tax time, and we are still in a global crisis that’s affected so many of our incomes, you can pay with a payment plan over time for no extra fees…) 

Going to a private love coach or dating profile writing company for this kind of service normally costs EXPONENTIALLY more!

 This is a fraction of what it costs to work with me privately. 

I’ve never shared all of this in this much detail with a group before, and am not sure I will again… 

Although much of what the course reveals is universal and timeless, you’ll be able to customize it all to you and the kind of relationship and partner YOU are looking for.

Get the Gods of Technology Working for You Like Never Before…

This is a special opportunity… allowing you to find out how to put your “best face forward” and speak straight to the heart and soul of the man for you online, cutting through the crowds and noise of this medium and making him take action to be with you. 


You’re going to be able to use the  insights of photography, marketing, and “understanding the male mind” to know exactly how to BEST present yourself so that high-caliber men take notice… and how to best engage with them so that they’re impressed. 


The course will make you confident in how to: 


❤ Speak “man-glish” in a way that draws the kind of man you want to you… And tell the men you don’t want not to even bother! 


❤ Understand the big “no-no’s” so many women write in their profiles or do with their photos that make men say NO WAY… (Avoid all “man repellent” language from now on!) 


❤ Know which sites and apps are best (because they all have different demographics, and different features)… 


❤ Weed out the “wrong” guys and get rid of them quickly… 


❤ Determine if you should use free or paid services (and why it makes a big difference)… 


❤ Figure out fast who to take seriously, and who is just wasting your time (or potentially a lying “cat fisher”)… 


❤ Know just what to say when first writing to a man… (and why “making the first move” is so crucial, and satisfying when done right) 


❤ Know how to handle men’s “too personal” questions (example: “Why are you single?” or “How long have you been on here?” or “Why did you get divorced?” without losing your cool or becoming insecure)… 


❤ Know just how to respond to men’s downright boring questions so you can elevate the conversation, and get out of the “what do you do?” and “how’s it going?” or “what are you doing this weekend?” kinds of snooze-fests people so often get stuck in… 


❤ More amazing data from the studies big sites have done on WHAT makes your engagement go WAY UP or WAY DOWN…


You’ll have the power at your fingertips to access a world of men you’d never otherwise meet, and decide who to let be so lucky as to have the gift of your time and attention. 


Women who were terrified to do this, tell me it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to their confidence.


 They often go from feeling blocked to realizing that it’s not scary after all, and is actually so much easier and fulfilling than they ever thought possible - even if they don’t necessarily fall in love quickly, though many do. (I’ve had clients make great friends this way, get awesome stock tips, enjoy places they’d never otherwise go, and get a lot of nice free meals on the way to falling in love.) 


Sharing this information and helping women make the most of this oh-so-modern way to connect has quite honestly been the most gratifying thing in my thirty-year career - because it’s created the most impactful, REWARDING change, RIGHT AWAY… again and again and again… 


I truly want to help you leverage the best, most likely way to find love in today’s world... I work with women every day who are so relieved to know that the difficulties they’re had online are not something to feel discouraged about, and can be totally turned around. They just “didn’t know what they didn’t know...” 


Women tell me all the time that it’s so a joy discovering this Super Power. 


Like in this message from another client who thought she’d hate internet dating: 



I want to help you have this kind of fun, too. 


Join me and a community of other awesome single women who’ve felt just as you have, and are ready to make 2022 the year that changes everything - for the better this time. 


I can’t wait to share with you how to make the man you want fall at your feet with the click of a few buttons.

Credit & Debit Cards And Paypal Accepted

EVEN THE SMARTEST WOMEN I KNOW NEED HELP… One more story (my all-time favorite!)

My friend Natalie is a big deal… the face and voice (and co-founder) of an incredible online brand that helps people make their dreams come true. 

She’s the president of a big personal growth organization, full of best-selling authors and mega-practitioners that are household names in the self-help world. 

Everyone loves her. 

She’s constantly traveling and volunteering, and spear-heading projects to help children. 

In other words, she’s one of the coolest, smartest, most beloved women I know (and I know a lot of pretty great women). 

So when she called me asking me to be her dating coach, I was nervous. 

I was certain I wouldn’t be able to offer her anything much. 

What could I possibly tell her that she didn’t already know? She’s more successful than I am, with more powerful, impactful friends all over the world who could help her do anything she set her mind to.

 How could I possibly improve upon what she was likely already doing? 

“Show me what you’re up to,” I said in our first session.

And, to my amazement, EVEN she was doing the same things virtually every woman I’ve worked with has done. 

Her photos did not make her the star… (she was holding a mug, and standing in her kitchen, looking like she was in an advertisement for ovens, or green tea!). 

Her writing read more like a resume than an invitation for connection.

It was very impressive, but it would make a man want to hire her or be mentored by her, more than think, “Eureka! THERE she is…” 

So I explained that she needed new photos and a complete overhaul of her profile, and taught her what things she’d said that were likely making men think, “Uh oh… she’s going to be constantly trying to change me” and how instead to let them know how utterly wonderful she truly is, and how much better their life would be with her in it. 

And, like the high functioning super star that she is, she did everything I suggested quickly. 

A mere two weeks after implementing her changes, she met a man who was everything she was looking for… and they knew on their first date that they were both done looking anywhere else. 

They’ve been blissfully together for over a year now, and have already traveled all over (including to Paris!) and spent special occasions with each other’s closest friends and family members. 

And it makes my heart burst to see her so happy. 

Here’s a quickie video she made about it all:

“In mere weeks I met the man who was everything I was looking for… If you have the opportunity, grab it with both hands to work with Carol Allen…”

  It took my client Heather only one week to find the love of her life. She also was sweet enough to make a little video:

“In one week I met the love of my life… he’s great. He’s everything I want… Listen to Carol. Do what she tells you to do. Follow her advice and then let the magic happen…” 

Isn’t it time that it’s YOUR turn? Maybe it will just be a matter of weeks for you, too, to find the “love of your life” who has “everything you’re looking for.”

If it can happen to them, it can happen to you. 

You never know… so you may as well try! 

I sincerely hope I see you next year… 

Much love (and Happy Holidays!), 


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About Carol Allen: Vedic Astrologer and Relationship Coach

As a Vedic astrologer and relationship coach who’s been happily married since 1997, Carol Allen has made it her mission to show women how the stars combined with their own right actions can help them make the most of their love lives. Her methods are a unique marriage of East and West, combining her training in the astrology of India with cutting-edge, real-world relationship research.

Carol’s been featured on E!, Bridezillas, EXTRA, and in Chicken Soup For The Soul and Woman's World. Dr. Drew called Carol’s advice “Profound” on his TV show, “LifeChangers” and Daily Candy said Carol is “Cooler than Karma.”​

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