“Listen In On Personal Conversations With Some of The Most Enlightening Experts Of Our Time As They Reveal The Very Keys To Life And Love… And Quickly Transform Your Relationships With Their Very Best Insights, Tips, And Techniques”

Join me as I dig deeply into the wisdom of all branches of spiritual knowledge, healing, and happiness with some of the very best practitioners of our time. Discover how to create the most empowered life and relationships possible by learning from others who’ve made it their life’s work to unlock the mysteries of the Universe…

Hi, Carol here.

I have something very exciting to share with you. But first let me give you a bit of backstory…

Because I’m an astrologer, people often assume I know everything new-age under the Sun.

They think I must also be psychic, that I probably read Tarot cards, or practice numerology, or that I can see auras. It’s not uncommon for them to thrust their hand in my face and say, “I heard you’re an astrologer. Read my palm!”

A friend of my family said to me once, “I understand you’re a medium.” (Thinking I could communicate with the dead!)

To which I replied, “Sometimes, but mostly I’m still a small…” referring to my size in clothing. Which was just downright rude of me. She was sincerely trying to take an interest in what I do and just didn’t know any better.

Here’s the deal with all of this… Astrology is so powerful and amazing, that I’ve never felt compelled to study any other “psychic science” in any sincere way. Why should I? Everything I ever needed to know about myself or others (or the men in my life!) could all be seen in the stars with incredible accuracy…

But being a “woo-woo” gal born and bred in California, I’ve been around practitioners of other spiritual modalities of all kinds most of my life. And I have to say, I’ve seen people who are things like psychics, Tarot card readers, numerologists, palm readers, and spiritual mediums be utterly amazing!

And as much as I’m in love with astrology, these other paths can be much more convenient. A palm reader I know can do an “on the spot” reading for anyone, any time! She doesn’t need anyone’s birth data, and she doesn’t have to run information on a computer that she may not happen to have in her back pocket. All she needs is their hands...

So it’s MUCH easier to get quick, instant insights into people (often without them even realizing you’re doing it), with OTHER methods besides astrology… The same is true for a “face reader” (a person who can read personality from facial features), a handwriting analyst, a numerologist, a feng shui consultant…

Not only are many other methods often easier to use than astrology, I’ve found that time and again they’ll say the same thing. If a man’s astrology chart says he’s angry, for example, his handwriting will, too! And so will the lines on his hands, and the shape of his cheeks, the color of his aura, the number of his birth date, and the bumps on his head (or the bumps on YOURS if you upset him… kidding!).

So I’ve dabbled in all kinds of modalities, and read all kinds of books on everything “new-age” under the Sun. (You should’ve seen the lines at parties when I used to read palms – they were around the block.)

We live in a truly magical time and are so blessed to have so much enlightening information at our fingertips. This is new only in recent history – for thousands of years most branches of spiritual knowledge were shrouded in secrecy, kept hidden from the masses, and only available to a special select few who spent years at the feet of a teacher or locked away in a temple, ashram, or mystery school after going through a rigorous initiation, offering up all of their worldly possessions, and making a solemn vow of silence… (And by the way – it’s important to remember that most spiritual wisdom has historically only been available to MEN… and not just men, but men of a certain status and family background…)

But today you can find just about anything you desire to know in books and workshops, and there are teachers of all kinds who freely share their knowledge with anyone of any background, age, gender, or life experience who is willing to learn. There are so many incredible ways to understand yourself and a man (or men!) more fully, so many sources of wisdom you can study to empower yourself, and so many cool tricks and tips you can easily learn and quickly apply.

It can be just overwhelming trying to figure out where to begin and who to turn to…

You don’t need me to tell you – while there are many well-meaning practitioners, there are plenty of kooks and charlatans, not to mention those that become “experts” for their own ego gratification, power, or desire to make a quick buck…

So it’s important to separate the masters from the quacks, and find the people and information that’s “the real deal…”

Gain Unprecedented, Life-Changing Access To Truths And Resources You’ve Likely Never Heard Of Before…

So I’ve decided to introduce you to the very experts I trust for healing and inspiration, both in and beyond the world of astrology. People who haven’t just “dabbled” in these things as I have and aren’t phonies, but are extremely impressive, credible individuals who’ve made a particular branch of knowledge their life’s work. They’ve spent decades “in the field” working with thousands of clients, mastering their specific niche, testing their methods and seeing real-world results again and again just as I have with astrology and relationship coaching.

I’m going to unveil one of these experts a month, in an in-depth interview series in which I get them to share their very favorite, most powerful insights and stories that you can use in your own life.

What you may not know about me is that for several years I had a weekly radio show in which I interviewed authors, practitioners, and consultants from all across the new-age and relationship realm. It was the most fulfilling, rewarding, entertaining thing I’ve ever done in my professional life, and since my guests were so incredible and their topics were so inspiring, week after week it was the number one show at the station, and went on to be the longest running show they ever had.

I produced all of my own segments, chose all of my topics, and hand-picked all of my guests. I carefully researched their work, read their books, and studied their subjects. (It was sooo cool – like getting a new-age Ph.D.) They were all “the best of the best” at “their thing” and I can honestly say (in my humble opinion) we never did a boring or bad show…

The experts I’m inviting to participate in this series are my very favorites from my show! I consider them, “the best of the best of the best.”

Many of them are my long-time friends, and I’m honored and grateful to know them, and I can’t wait for you to know about them and what they do if you don’t already.

Here’s How It Works…

Every month I’m going to be doing a live in-depth interview with a spiritual teacher, healer, coach, or practitioner that I feel can help you to have the best life and love life. The interviews will be professionally recorded and made into a CD of over an hour of material that you can listen to anywhere, any time at your convenience. Pop it in the car, listen to it on your computer at home – whatever you prefer.

Since most of my sessions will be with people I’ve known for years and have interviewed before, I’ll get them to share their most amazing, powerful nuggets of wisdom and their most mind-blowing stories of helping real people in the real world…

These are exceptional, sought-after practitioners – many of them travel the world giving seminars, have schools that certify others in their methods, and have big followings and tons of major press outlets vying for their time… They often no longer work one-on-one, so you wouldn’t be able to hire them privately even if you paid them hundreds of dollars an hour.

(And once in a while I’ll introduce you to someone who “flies under the radar,” – doing magical things with only small, select groups of people so you’d likely never find out about them otherwise…)

So I feel extremely blessed and humbled to have the opportunity to sit down with them and draw out their MOST EMPOWERING wisdom, tools, and techniques.

You may think something like this would be very expensive. It’s not. I’m so excited to be doing this kind of work again, and I truly want this information to be available to anyone who wants it.

So I’ll send it to you month after month for less than twenty dollars… which is nothing compared to what it will do for your life and your spirit.

When you subscribe to my “Interviews With Enlightening Experts” I’ll send you a brand-new recording on CD of a new interview every month.

I just know you’ll enjoy listening to these incredible people and learning all this inspiring material and that it will not only help transform your relationships and shape your destiny for the better, it will uplift your perspective on the very meaning of life…

Some of the topics I’ll be covering include:

Just think if you could know at a glance if a guy was a good guy or not, and how to get along better with him just by noticing…

And just think what it could do for your life to learn how to…

Are you starting to get why I’m so excited about this?

But perhaps you’re skeptical. I get it. In fact, I think you should be. If I hadn’t had direct, personal experience with these people and subjects, I’d be skeptical, too. (When I interviewed a “full body trance channel” – a woman who has a being from a “higher dimension” come through her while she goes into a trance – I was like, “Yeah, right…” But she totally convinced me that she was “the real deal” and basically had me at hello!)

I encourage you to SEE FOR YOURSELF how REAL and USEFUL this will be for your life…

When you subscribe to my “Interviews With Enlightening Experts,” I’m going to send you a new professionally edited interview on CD every month for only $19.97 each ($12 if you live outside the United States).

If you subscribe right now, I’d like to send you a very special one-time bonus, an extra interview from the program at no cost to you…

All you do is order now, and I’ll throw in a one-month FREE subscription to my Interview Series as a bonus for just trying this program.

I’m so sure you’re going to love this interview that I’m even going to pay the additional priority SHIPPING cost to send it to you (if you’re in the U.S.). If you love it keep it and stay subscribed. Every month I’ll send you another interview, and you’ll automatically be charged only $19.97 (or $12 if you’re outside of the U.S.). If you don’t find the interviews as incredible as I’ve promised, you can cancel at any time with no questions whatsoever.

If you get this starter kit and you DON’T love the interview and get IMMEDIATE success with the material you learn, you can cancel and keep the starter kit FOR FREE just for TRYING it. In other words, you get to keep the bonus interview for free either way… even if you cancel right after you get it.

I truly believe this bonus is as good as gold, and it’s yours free just for trying this program.

And of course, the starter kit and all the future interviews will be sent to you in plain packaging for your privacy.

If you’re a spiritual seeker who wants to have the most positive life possible, I applaud you…

And I just know these interviews will help. Not only do I fully expect they’ll make you laugh, cry, smile, and regularly find your jaw on the floor, they’ll enable you to more deeply understand yourself and the people you love (and help you to more wisely decide who to choose to share your precious time and energy with).

And really – what could be more important in this lifetime?

I’ve literally spent most of my time on the planet surrounded by mystical, magical people, and have known many of them extremely well, and I can’t wait to share those that I respect, admire, and turn to for support with you…

The material we’ll cover in my “Interviews With Enlightening Experts” will be unlike anything you’ve encountered anywhere else… and I just know you’ll love it.

This is truly a “once in a MANY lifetimes” opportunity.

So check in with your heart and spirit, and take this inspired leap with me by clicking on the link below…

And, as ever, may God and his planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

What Real People Have To Say About “Interviews With Enlightening Experts” Monthly Series


“I love the cd’s! I look forward to them each month.”

– S.R.

“Hellloo Carol,

Hope all is well with you I listened to the interview with Andrew Verity yesterday, and loved it. No surprise there, every interview has been so much fun because you have such a sparkling personality. I totally noticed what you meant about him telling you about what your features meant =D I didn’t think they were bad, ! thought they said interesting things about you!


– – N.A.