Imagine being able to plan your days so they go just the way you want…

Knowing when to schedule that big interview so you “nail it,” when to take your vacation so it’s the most fun, when money is flowing to you (and when it’s blocked), when you’re likely to be extra tired or even get sick, the most romantic nights to meet men or go on dates so you feel your best, and when it’s just smarter to stay home…

Get time on your side, and make the most of all the days of your life.

Dear Friend,
You know those days when everything seems “off?”

You can’t seem to do anything right…

You spill coffee on your favorite shirt, your hair won’t cooperate, and you almost get into an accident on the way to work, making you late…

And when you run into him – that guy you’ve had a crush on for ages – you act like a big idiot, falling all over yourself, saying all the wrong things. It’s as if your confidence has “left the building,” and you’ve regressed to about, oh, the sixth grade.


And yet, there are those days you feel so much better…

You wake up easily, you feel excited about your day, and your hair looks amazing – if you do say so yourself.

You get to work no problem, and when you run into him, you say something smart and charming and he responds by asking you out.

Ah, yes!

Why is it that some days you’re uncomfortable in your own skin and other days so totally yourself, so at ease, that it makes everyone (especially men) want to come closer?

You’re the same woman on different days, feeling completely different and getting completely different results in every area of your life.

That’s it – you’re the same.

It’s THE DAYS that are different…

What if there was a way to know – ahead of time – exactly what kind of day you were going to have? Just think, by knowing when the good days and bad days were coming up, you could:
  • Purposely “lie low” on bad days and avoid situations that might lead to things going really wrong… saving you so much trouble and drama.
  • Schedule your most important interviews, parties, travel, meetings, and best of all dates – when time is working for you, assuring things go as well as possible.
  • Know which days to seek out and flirt with that person you’re attracted to, so they’re most likely to notice you and ask you out.
  • Schedule dates with your special someone when they’ll be most likely to feel “in love” and into you.
  • Have the best shot at getting that new job, raise, or promotion.
  • Knock their socks off with a work presentation because you were feeling your best and most articulate.
  • When to schedule travel and time off when you’re least likely to get sick or have an accident, and when you’ll enjoy it MOST.
Well, guess what? There is a way. (You knew I was going to say that!)

How I Made A Stellar Discovery…

Astrology is known as “the science of time.” And no system of astrology is more predictive or specific on the topic of timing than Vedic astrology.

I first saw the power and importance of this with my own chart…

My personal chart forced me to be extra concerned with knowing ahead of time when good and bad days would occur.

You see, every month I have a solid great week in which everything seems to go my way.

But just as I start to think I’m especially blessed by the Gods with “the Midas touch” and super powers to manifest whatever I want, the “rug gets pulled out from under me” and I’m struck with a TERRIBLE week, full of lots of setbacks, bad news and disappoint- ments.

And throughout each year, I have a few months in which my energy is at an all-time high and my goals are easily reached, followed by a few months in which I feel exactly the opposite.

When I started studying astrology, I quickly learned to see why…

I soon noticed that if I planned something important on my “bad” days (like an interview, party, meeting, trip, or date) they didn’t go well, but if I planned them on my “good” days, they did.

After observing this in my chart for years, I started telling clients about their most significant good and bad days to watch out for, too.

Soon they were asking me for a way to know – at a glance – how every single day of the year would go. I started to make calendars (using normal wall calendars and different symbols made from stickers) to let people know ahead of time when these days were happening, so they could plan around them.

On “good” days for love and communication, for example, they went on dates that felt extra romantic and connected, had productive heart- to-heart talks, and found themselves falling in love or deepening existing relationships instead of feeling “off”…
On “good” days for money, they went shopping and found incredible deals, invested in something that did well in coming years, asked for a raise and got more than they asked for…

On “good” days for work, they purposely scheduled their most important projects and found they went really well, asked their boss (or boss’s boss) for that promotion or opportunity they’d been dreaming of and got it, went on that job search and found a much better position…
On “bad” days, they saved their pennies, avoided bringing up sore subjects with loved ones, took it easy or just stayed home (to avoid getting sick, or just to “recharge their batteries”), called a friend, took care of routine tasks instead of taking on new projects, steered clear of anyone they had tensions with, and avoided dangerous or high- risk activities, and things weren’t so “bad” after all…

By knowing which days were “good” or “bad” for certain energies, they were able to be more in sync with the rhythms of their personal celestial cycles and be more in control of their lives. They were actually able to make the MOST of their good and bad days, making them go much more smoothly than they would have otherwise…

Their relationships improved, their careers progressed more quickly, their bank accounts got bigger, and they enjoyed greater peace of mind in every way.

And my “Personal Success Calendars” were born.

The calendars quickly became so popular that I had software developed so that I could keep up with demand (being up at 3 a.m. playing with stickers wasn’t the best use of my time. :))

Let’s just say it was one of the best ideas I’ve ever had…
Order Your Digital Calendar Now!
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How “Personal Success Calendars” Work…

Your astrology chart is a snapshot of the positions of the planets, stars, Sun and Moon in the sky at the moment of your birth.

It’s as though everything froze at that moment. And it’s this “celestial snapshot” that creates your personal birth chart, forming the “map” or your life, throughout your life.

You see, it’s believed that when you take your first breath, the astrological energies of that moment “imprint” you, forming your personality and talents, imbuing you with whatever the particular patterns and influences indicate, making you who you are.

Which is why I like to say we’re “preloaded at the factory.”

But, of course, nothing in the sky above actually “stops” when anyone is born – thank goodness!

In fact, the heavenly bodies never “stop” for anything, and are always spinning on their own axes and continuing around their own orbits.

A common question you may be asking about now (that I hear all the time) is, “If my chart is a fixed snapshot – unchanging and the same for my entire life – why does my life change? Why wouldn’t everything be the same all the time, if the chart stays the same?”

For a few reasons, but mostly because of what are called “transits.”

“Transits” are the motions of the Sun, Moon, and planets as they travel through the sky in relation to your snapshot…

From this we can tell so much – when you’ll have career ups and downs, support from friends and loved ones, romantic opportunities, or when you’ll overspend, suffer emotional setbacks, find yourself in arguments or even getting sick…

I can’t tell you why this works. It just does – and, much like gravity, it works for all of us equally, whether you believe in it or not.

And when I said I have a great week every month, it’s in that week that the Moon (the astrological indicator of the emotions) is enjoying “happy” transits through the best houses in my chart, and the ones that contain the most positive “good guy planets.”

Followed by that crappy week, when the Moon transits my worst houses, and the ones that contain the most negative “bad guy planets.”

And, yup, when I have a great and not-so-great few months every year, it’s in those months that the Sun (the astrological indicator of health and work) is enjoying “happy” transits and “not- so-happy” transits through those same parts of my chart.

We astrologers look to each of the planets as they travel through your chart… activating different impulses, feelings, circumstances, and events unique to you.

Watching this is similar to watching the weather, and predicting when it will rain, when it will be sunny, when it will be cold, when it will be warm… you get the idea.

Still with me? Hang on… here’s why this matters!

There are transits formed by ALL the planets, interacting with your entire chart. And they’re happening all the time, to all of us.

Some will be felt by you strongly, and some won’t. Some happen in combination to create BIG things, some come and go with little incident.

And your “Personal Success Calendar” includes the most important ones impacting you, every day.
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How Your Personal Success Calendar Can Help You Take Control of Your Daily Life and Make the MOST of Your BEST Days for Romance, Career and Health

Personal Success Calendars are actual 13-month daily calendars (a “baker’s dozen” in honor of my late grandfather, who was a baker) customized for you, made for your specific birth data, that contain a variety of graphic symbols on each day of the year representing different aspects of positive and negative energies.

They’re presented either in a convenient digital format that you can access anywhere, anytime; or on thick, coil-bound photo-quality paper, with a gorgeous accompanying photo for each month (using deep space photography).
They come with a short, easy-to-understand legend, explaining what each of the symbols means, and how to apply the information to your personal, professional, and financial life.

By referring to the calendar and planning ahead, you can know:
  • What to expect from your days as related to your: money, love, mood, career, physical health, energy, social life, creativity, communication with others, safety, and more. As many as seven symbols each day (out of a possible twelve), in various combinations to help you understand cosmic forces just for you…
  • Best, mediocre, and worst days for your mood (only plan your most important occasions when this symbol is good…)
  • Best, mediocre, and worst days for your health (try to lay low when you see the “low energy” times on the horizon… and go ahead and book yourself silly when the high- energy times come around, ’cause you can handle it!)
  • Best days for romance (these are days for dating – or meeting – him! Or spending quality time with your “sweetie”)
  • Best days for money – watch your investments expand, financial gifts show up out of nowhere, or bonuses or raises come through… (Shoe shopping, anyone?)
  • Days to watch overspending or financial losses (no shoe shopping these days…) Unexpected expenses arise or old debts come due
  • Best, mediocre, and worst days for you professionally (only plan your most important projects and duties when this symbol is on your side)
  • Safest and most accident-prone times to travel (no sky diving or bungee jumping when the “high- stress” energies are present…)
  • Times when you should avoid confrontations or big “heart-to-hearts” (as they won’t likely go well – maybe meet your boyfriend’s parents some other time…)
  • Best for communications and intellectual pursuits: speaking, writing, self-expression, media events, studying, test taking, and getting your ideas across (Gotta big test to take? Make sure this symbol says to “go for it”…)
  • Times when you feel extra “wired” even to the point of insomnia (these days you MUST exercise early in the day, and drink calming teas before bed – counting sheep ain’t gonna cut it…)
  • Best times to “beautify” yourself or anything in your life, such as your wardrobe, hairdo, garden, or décor (again – shoe shopping?)
  • The phases of the Moon, so you know at a glance when the Moon is new, or full, waxing or waning (in case you know any werewolves you want to avoid….)
  • When important planets are “retrograde” and what that means you should or shouldn’t do (and when you’re extra likely to have “unfinished business” from the past come back to bite you on the you-know-what…)
  • When eclipses occur, and if they’re solar or lunar, partial or total, and what it all means for you as well (these are especially sensitive times – believe me, there are BIG things you want to watch out for now…)

Don’t Decide Now…Try My “Personal Success Calendar” Program RISK FREE For 30 Days

This is a unique opportunity – I invented these calendars and know of no other astrology calendar like this anywhere, made individually just for you, using your entire astrology chart, tracking and noting multiple influences at once.

You’re going to be able to use the information and advice in your calendar to know WHAT TO DO and NOT TO DO every day of the year – and how to manage the timing of things you can’t control. (Like when you run into “him” or when you have no choice and have to meet with your boss or in-laws…)

This calendar provides the most clarity about how to schedule the days of your life of any other tool in astrology, because you’ll understand just what’s going on at all times, and how it impacts you personally.

It’s enabled my clients to know why their business or energy slumps when it does (and not panic about it because they see in advance when it will improve again), why they’re more popular at certain times than others (so they’re sure to get out and “mingle and mix” then), and when to be extra careful financially so when unexpected expenses show up, they aren’t so unexpected, and they have the needed funds on hand… I’m positive your calendar will give you the same super helpful “AHA moments” too.

As with all of my programs and offerings, I want to be sure you’re satisfied. So, even though your calendar is customized just for you, and is my only “hard” product that can never be sold again to anyone else – if you order it but don’t love it, you can send it back to me for a full refund and I’ll toss it and eat the expense. That’s how sure I am you’re going to love it.

All I ask is that you follow it for at least a month, and give it a chance to work for you…

The 13-month calendar and legend are priced at $149.97 for the printed version, and $124.97 for the digital. That’s just 37 or 34 cents a day… and if you get a printed calendar, I’ll throw in a digital version as well, so you can enjoy both.

When you click on the order button, you’ll be taken to a secure order form to fill out your name, and birth data to enable me to process your calendar order. Once you hit “submit” at the end of that form, you’ll be sent to a completely secure form to enter your payment and shipping information.

Yes, you MUST know your birth data, including your accurate birth time. (Sorry – without your birth time, the calendar won’t be accurate, so please don’t guess! If you need to order your birth records to determine your birth time, see directions as to how to do so below.*)

Read the “Calendar Legend” from cover to cover and you’ll find specific strategies you can use RIGHT AWAY to improve your personal and professional life, every day. I promise.

I truly want to help you make every area of your life and your LOVE life the best it can possibly be. I’ve been sharing the calendar with clients for over a decade now, and many of them order it year after year, and tell me how helpful it is. I know you’ll find it helpful (and fun!), too.

Click on the button below and order your RISK-FREE calendar now:
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Why Having A “Personal Success Calendar” Is So Much Better Than Reading Your Horoscope – And Other Important Questions…

Right about now, you might be thinking, “Why do I need a calendar when I can read my horoscope?”

While horoscopes are fun, they’re typically written with only one thing in mind personal to you – your Sun sign.

So, no matter how good the astrologer is that writes the horoscope (and often, they’re not written by astrologers at all – but by snappy copy writers who can crank out good copy day after day), it’s written as though there are only twelve people in the world.

I like to joke that only making predictions based on your Sun sign, is like trying to diagnose your car problem by only looking at the muffler…

Your life is more important than that, and much more complicated!

Thus, your calendar is made just for you, using your entire astrology chart, which is almost as unique to you as your fingerprint. So no one else (except perhaps your twin or someone born in the same town at roughly the same time) can have the same calendar.

You also might be wondering, “How is this different than the ‘Cycle of Saturn’ report?”

A great question… If you’re familiar with my work, then you know I’ve also created a report called, “Cycles of Saturn – Charting The Ups And Downs Of Your Life” which allows you to know when the planet Saturn is impacting you in a big way.

These cycles have a huge impact on you in many ways (especially on your love life, creating painful “love- blocking” times) and knowing what’s going on and what to do about it all can be extremely helpful (which is why I created the report…).

While they both have to do with the timing of your life, the “Cycles of Saturn” report and the “Personal Success Calendar” are two very different things. The first is a thirty-year report that describes themes of personal growth and challenge that last for years at a time. But the report does not tell you how each individual day within those years will go, and it does not incorporate the energies of any other astrological influences besides Saturn.

The calendar, on the other hand, looks specifically at every day of the year for you, and how you can plan your events and activities to have each day be the most productive and enjoyable possible, tracking the influences and energies of multiple planets and the Sun and Moon, as they all relate to your entire birth chart.

You see, even when you’re experiencing an intense “Cycle of Saturn,” there are good and not-as-good days for different things, so the calendar is one more tool to assist you in having the most fun and success possible.

You’re probably also wondering, “Is my calendar predictive – meaning, will it tell me what will or won’t actually happen?” The calendar includes the name, address and phone number of your ideal partner. Kidding! No, the insights of your calendar are not the same as having an astrology reading – it can’t tell you what will happen in a given year, like if this is the year you meet your husband, get that dream job, or win the lottery. But it does tell you something arguably as important – the best and worst days to go out to meet men, or days to date them (so it’s much more likely one of them will end up being your husband), apply for that dream job, or buy a lottery ticket. (On second thought, please don’t buy lottery tickets. I’m just sayin’…)

You might also be worried, “I’m afraid to see what my calendar says – what if it says I have no good days, or lots of bad ones?”

That’s not possible – no worries. We all have great days, weeks, and even months, for all kinds of things… and knowing when they are, so you can set up your most important endeavors, helps ensure the best possible outcomes. And I assure you, it’s not “scary” knowing when your personal celestial energies are less than optimal. It’s much scarier NOT knowing… Being “forewarned” in this way helps you to be prepared and take corrective actions to sidestep much of the possible difficulties.

But don’t take my word for it – see what others who’ve experienced their own “Personal Success Calendars” have said…
Numerous clients have been using the calendars for years and the reviews are in:
“Dangerously addictive… wildly predictive…”
- Lauren Frances,
love coach and author of Dating, Mating, and Man-handling
“I love, love, LOVE my calendar! I look at it every day and it’s always right on.”
- Arielle Ford,
best-selling author of The Soulmate Secret
“The calendar is fabulously helpful and I love it. I’ve used mine daily for years. Run, don’t walk, to get yours!”
- Chellie Campbell,
financial coach and author of The Wealthy Spirit and Zero to Zillionaire
“Once again my calendar helped me get what I needed. I was putting in for a big commission and I thought my boss might question it so I made sure I delivered it on a day with $$ signs… Within two minutes of opening the subject in our meeting, my boss readily agreed that I deserved the commission and with a smile on his face, he approved it for processing. I just wanted to let you know that my calendar works for me daily! Thanks again!”
- C.L.S.,
Property Manager, West Los Angeles, CA
“Carol’s calendars are simply great! I consult it every single day. Not only are they informational, they are also fun. It has truly shaped my life for the better.”
- L.W.,
Attorney, Chicago, Ill.
“My calendar is a wonderful guide. When it said my business would do well, it did very well. When it said to watch my mouth, I should have watched my mouth! When I’m down, it comforts me by letting me know when I’ll be happier."
- S. B.,
Organizational Consultant, Long Beach, CA
“The calendar is unbelievably accurate. I’m more mindful of my mood and how to interact with people. I have more perspective and feel more prepared, which gives me more peace of mind.”
- S.C.,
Advertising Executive, Woodland Hills, CA
“I LOVE MY CALENDAR. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I see lots of double gold stars and double money signs and stuff. Cool. It has helped me choose what day to open my solo show. I showed the calendar to a friend and she said, ‘I want one!!'"
- S.T.,
Actress, Burbank, CA
“I freaking love Carol and the Personal Success Calendar. Literally that calendar is checked everyday and is super accurate around how I feel and what actions to take daily. It helps me and my team plan out what days are the best days to start projects in my business, what days I need to focus on my health, what days won’t feel the best, and what days feel GREAT. Honestly, it is the perfect guide to help make all kinds of decisions. It also just reminds you that you aren’t crazy – it creates peace of mind. I highly recommend everyone get this calendar!"
- Kavita J. Patel,
Love Coach, New York, NY

Get Your Personal “Astrological Weather Report” – Let The Stars Be Your Guide

Imagine getting a phone call from your dream man, saying, “When are you free next week?” and being able to run to your calendar, and see at a glance which days (or nights – wink, wink) have the most romantic “mojo”… Or, imagine having your boss ask, “When will you be ready with your report?” and being able to look to your calendar (hidden in your desk) and choose the day that has the most successful energies…

Imagine being able to choose when to take a long, relaxing vacation (the one you so desperately need) so nothing goes wrong and you get the most from your time away.

Imagine lessening the chances of overextending yourself physically and getting sick or injured, because you knew when you should “go for it” and when to take it easy.

Imagine having a gloriously connected and loving relationship with your sweetie, because you always have those heart-to-heart talks when your communication is at its peak (and you avoid tough topics when it’s not), and you know exactly when your romantic gestures are going to be received with an open heart and open arms.

And imagine the peace of mind and greater confidence having such a “secret weapon” would give you.

I know it sounds crazy that a calendar can do any of this, but it really can…

I’ve spent years studying the astrological influences that create positive and challenging timing, and how to relate them to the charts of individuals, and I’ve put all those years of study into this calendar that you can use to better understand and plan the days of your life.

I can’t wait to hear how it helps you!

So please share you success stories with me from having your very own “Personal Success Calendar.”

Don’t Decide Now…Try My “Personal Success Calendar” Program RISK FREE For 30 Days

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In the meantime, may God and His planets and stars shower you with love, each and every day!

Carol Allen
* What to do if you don’t know your birth time…

If you were born in a Western country (the U.S., Canada, Europe, etc.), you can find your birth time on record at a government office in the region of your birth. Hospitals typically do not retain these records for more than a decade or so. Do not merely order a copy of your birth documents or you’ll probably be sent an abbreviated version without the birth time. The Office of Vital Statistics, the County Clerk, the County Recorder, the Health Department – one of these should have it, and a call to one should let you know which to contact. Only you can obtain your own birth records. No one else can do this for you (and no one else can do this for the man or men in your life!) as it’s private, personal information.

You may need to send a written request (again – specifically requesting that your time of birth be included with the information) with proof of your identity (like a copy of your driver’s license). There’s usually a fee, and the process can take a few weeks. It’s worth getting the official time because as I explained, the information included in the calendar is time- sensitive and a difference of a few minutes can make for dramatically different astrological findings.

For this reason it’s not reliable to go by the memory of a family member. Unless the birth time is recorded in a baby book, birth announcement, newspaper article, telegram, or diary – I wouldn’t trust even your mother (unless she calls you at the same minute every year on your birthday, reminding you that this was the very moment of your “grand entrance”). She likely wasn’t looking at the clock when you were born – she was counting your fingers and toes, and passing out from exhaustion (and joy).

If you weren’t born in a Western country, there may be no official written record of your birth time anywhere. If that’s the case, you’ll have to interview your relatives and hope that someone wrote it down somewhere. (I’ve heard amazing stories – one woman born in Taiwan told me her birth time was carved onto her dried umbilical cord and then saved for her, which was the local tradition – how’s that for a birth record?!)

Good luck!
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