Can he be a good partner?

Can YOU?

He’s just your type – you have great chemistry and so much fun together… but is he capable of making you truly happy?

Are you capable of being the woman he needs?

Find out if you and a man have something even more important than compatibility – the CAPACITY to be supportive, loyal and considerate partners for life.

Dear Friend,

Have you ever met a great guy who was completely loveable (fun, playful, charming, smart, and more) but then– as soon as there was a conflict or a crisis of some kind – he let you down?

Maybe you tried to tell him what you needed or you gave him another chance to make things right, but then – as soon as you hoped he’d show up for you and do what he should – he didn’t, yet again?

And when this happened you couldn’t help but blame yourself. Did you do or say something wrong to make him flake out? Did he not love you as much as you thought he did? Was it him or was it you?

Sadly, I think we’ve all known men who’ve made us question ourselves like that…

Maybe you’ve known a man who didn’t initially seem as “exciting” as the first guy (he wasn’t as fun, playful, charming, or smart) and yet – time and again, he always came through? He didn’t bail when things got tough, he was thoughtful of your feelings, and he went out of his way to take care of you?

Why is it so much easier to fall in love with the first guy, when clearly you’d have a much better relationship (and life!) with the second guy?

Here’s the thing: There are qualities that make a man loveable so he’ll seem like someone you should let into your life but that doesn’t mean he can do the job of being a good partner.

And there are qualities that make a man solid, stable, dependable, loyal, and generous – but that don’t necessarily make him charismatic, sexy, or fun.

What we all want is that adorable man we can’t help but fall in love with, who we can also completely trust to always do what we need him to do.

In other words, we want a man with both a fantastic personality and the capacity to be a full partner.

The man who will make us laugh when we’ve had a bad day at work… A man who will cook dinner AND do the dishes when we have a headache… A man who will ask, “Are you doing ok?” when he sees that worried look in our eye. We want a man who doesn’t just want us and adore us but who thinks our happiness is just as important as his own, and isn’t too weak or afraid to be the man we need him to be.

Ah… that is the man who would truly make life worth living for. (Cue the violins and fireworks about now).

Relationship Capacity – How To Separate The Men From The Boys

Astrology reveals a man’s Relationship Capacity – and your own, and that’s the thing you need to know even more than your compatibility with a man. Because “Relationship Capacity” uncovers the degree to which either of you can show up – behaviorally and emotionally – for anyone.
It determines if a man is a “relationship” guy – sensitive, generous, kind, loving, etc. enough to DO relationships and be GOOD at love.
This is one of my cornerstone teachings, one of what I call “The Five Critical Keys To Love” that are ALL needed for a relationship to “go the distance.”
For years, I’ve been able to offer my private coaching clients this information when reading their astrology charts and that of the men in their lives, but I’ve never been able to offer an instant report about it all… until now.
So it’s the first step… and should be considered before your Relationship Compatibility (which is one of the other “Five Critical Keys to Love”).
You see, a person with great “Relationship Capacity” to give and receive healthy love will be able to have a pretty darn good relationship even with a partner with just so-so compatibility…
While someone else with impossibly low “Relationship Capacity” will likely have a terrible relationship even with a partner who is very compatible with them.
So as much as I LOVE the techniques of Vedic astrology to reveal “Relationship Compatibility,” I’m even more excited about the insights it reveals about Capacity.
(Because you can be perfectly compatible with a guy who’s insecure, depressed, struggling with an addiction, or just a big jerk, making you wish you didn’t laugh at all the same things, talk easily for hours, and have toe-curling chemistry – because that’s what got you hooked on him in the first place!)
It takes a while to get to know someone. And even a man with a lot of “issues” can fool you for way too long, especially if he’s got a “winning” personality and is otherwise successful.
And to make matters worse, so often we women blame ourselves, thinking “If he really loved me… he’d be there for me. He’d do what I want him to do if he cared…”
So we knock ourselves out to “win” his love, not recognizing that his “bad boy” or weak behaviors have nothing to do with us… and that he’d likely be that way with anyone.
(Think Jesse James and Sandra Bullock here… or Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver… or Tiger Woods and his wife… If those women couldn’t “tame” those men, who could? The answer? No one…)
If you’re looking to hire a professional piano player – you’d better give the job to a man who has all ten fingers, because a man with only four fingers is NEVER going to be able to play Beethoven (at least not the way Beethoven intended), as much as he may LOVE the music of Beethoven. Thinking a man with poor Relationship Capacity would treat you well if he really loved you is the same idea. A man’s Capacity can improve with time, effort and awareness but it’s something only he can do for himself by himself, and why it’s so cliché but true that you can’t change a man.

So knowing his Capacity can possibly save you years of heartache and pain…


What about Your Relationship Capacity?

Some women seem to easily attract great guys who treat them like gold… while others only draw in difficult men over and over.

Then there are women who – when they connect with a great guy – get scared and push him away by being clingy, controlling, unavailable, jealous, and more.

Then there are those women who can attract a good man, but just need that extra support to “go the distance” with him.

Just like with men, there are two issues going on that are so important for you to understand.
One has to do with how approachable and attractive you are to men – how easygoing, fun, friendly, charming, playful, confident, and more...
For years, I’ve been able to offer my private coaching clients this information when reading their astrology charts and that of the men in their lives, but I’ve never been able to offer an instant report about it all… until now.
While the other has to do with how open-hearted you are, and how much you let love in.
It’s one thing to have an attractive personality that enables you to meet men in the first place, and another to have an open heart that allows you to become close to them and treat them well.
And it’s the combination of both that reveals your Relationship Capacity.
The good news is that your Capacity is not written in stone - with support, maturity, and the right self-care, we can vastly improve our capacity to love and be loved. We just need to understand what’s going on.

The Relationship Capacity Report – One For Him, One For You…

Ancient Vedic astrological texts deal extensively with “Capacity,” outlining how to tell if a woman would make a suitable wife, and if a man would make a worthwhile husband.
These techniques, though ancient, are especially needed and relevant at a time such as ours, when society no longer has as much support to ensure relationships can last. The breakdown of communities, the family structure, rampant divorce and loneliness have made it more necessary than ever to turn to tried-and-true wisdom for help.
Here’s how it works… In everyone’s astrology chart, there are “benefic” or “good guy” planets that help us to be happy and kind, affectionate and fun, and to enjoy the good things that life brings us. The “good guys” include:
  • Jupiter, the planet of happiness, wisdom, and creativity…
  • Venus, the planet of peace, love, diplomacy, and charm…
  • Mercury, the planet of friendship, skillfulness, and communication…
  • The Moon, the indicator of receptivity and intuition
And, at the same time, in everyone’s chart there are “malefic” or “bad guy” planets that make it harder for us to give and receive love – causing us to be cold, unaffectionate, insensitive, selfish, insecure, needy, angry, or even downright mean… and to not enjoy the good things that life brings. The “bad guys” include:
  • Saturn, the planet of depression, fear, perfectionism, and low self-esteem
  • Mars, the planet of aggression, ambition, logic, independence, and anger
  • Rahu, a.k.a. the “North Node of the Moon,” the indicator of deception, addiction, inconsistency, and insensitivity
  • Ketu, a.k.a. the “South Node of the Moon,” the indicator of instability, chaos, confusion, weakness, and uncertainty
  • The Sun, which, while bringing some good qualities like steadfastness and strength, can bring forward the qualities of inflexibility and dominance
The techniques for Capacity look to see if more “good guy” or “bad guy” planets are influencing your or your man’s personality (making HIM more of a “good guy” or “bad guy” too), and to what extent… and then what to do about it all.

For a man, there is the “Chart His Heart” report…

which will tell you if this man has that winning combination of a pleasing personality, as well as the ability to do right by a woman (which, I hope is clear by now – are NOT the same thing!)…
And then, after several pages of detail all about him and his ways of being and behaving, it sums it all up, and tells you if he is a man who:
  • Is easy to love and does the right thing – a man to follow anywhere…
  • Is easy to love but average at doing what’s right – a man who can be a great partner
  • Is easy to love but does the wrong thing – a man who women easily fall for, but who requires patience and understanding from the right woman (and even then she might just find she never gets what she needs)…
  • Has an average personality but does the right thing – an excellent partner, though not as exciting as some men
  • Has a difficult personality but does the right thing – a man who can give you a great life as long as you are very compatible with him and strong and confident within yourself
  • Has a difficult personality but is average at doing the right thing – a difficult man who is probably not worth it, but you can try if you really love him
  • Has a difficult personality and does the wrong thing – this is the guy you (and every woman) should run from quickly!

For a Woman, there is the “Chart Your Heart” report…

which tells you several pages of how you likely occur to men, and then how you are likely to be and behave with them over time, finally summing up if your heart is open and if you are personable and approachable…
It outlines what planets make you attractive to a man, and what planets close your heart to love, what celestial energies possibly making you hide your true self or pretend to be what you’re not, and if your heart is more open or closed… and, again, what to do about it all.

Sample Text from Women’s Reports…

To show you what I’m talking about, I took some excerpts from a few reports just to give you an idea of how crazy accurate this all is.
First, I ran a report on one of my clients, who has been wildly successful with men her whole life – that is, when it comes to meeting them. She’s had a hard time PICKING the right man, and accepted poor treatment from men when she was younger, and was intensely emotional about it all, but has (fortunately) become much more in touch with herself and able to make healthy choices. And, no kidding, all of that was in her report.


also known as ‘The North Node of the Moon’ is taking center stage in your horoscope. This causes men to be drawn to you, sometimes like moths to a flame! The most famous beauties and sex symbols of all time have this combination. This makes you more attractive to men than your mere physical beauty gives cause for as this combination gives off an aura of femininity that men just can’t ignore or escape. So attracting men should not be your problem. The problem is in choosing and keeping the right one. You live with the full force of emotions in the immediate now. Experiencing them in such a strong manner in the moment that nothing else is real at that moment – can cause problems.

For example, you can feel so strongly about a man one moment that nothing else matters. While the next moment, you can get sad about something and feel so depressed that your love for that man is forgotten and the only thing that matters is your immediate need to escape the depression. Simply put, your emotions are just so intense that life can be like a ship in a storm, and that includes your love life.

It goes on to tell her what to do about it:

The longer you live, the more you will come to understand what will make you happy and the less this influence will disturb you. It’s very important to keep your mind and heart anchored in a safe place. One such safe place is in your body, so taking up dance, martial arts, or any physical discipline that puts your mental focus on what your body is doing will be helpful. This also has the additional benefit of stimulating the happiness-producing chemicals in your brain. These will help you have a foundation of joy to use in deciding what else you need in life to be happy. When your mind is not connected to your body in this healthy way, keep it focused on other, positive things such as uplifting music, something spiritual, or something you’re studying or learning. The happier you learn to be by yourself, the more you’ll be able to know what you really need and knowing that, things will no longer be so tumultuous. The sailing will become smooth.

Isn’t that sweet? In the last few years, she’s become very athletic (what the report recommends) and has found her best relationship.

I also ran a report for another client who is an extremely successful workaholic, with strong opinions and a bit too much of… what should I call it? Spirit.

Most of the men in her life have left her, citing her independence, busy schedule, and hard-headedness as the main reasons why.

Check out this excerpt from her report:


in this position in your horoscope shows that you have a strong need to prove yourself to yourself, even to prove to yourself that you are worthy of love. In trying to prove yourself, you may actually end up pushing away the very man whose love you want. In trying to ‘be something’ or ‘do something’ well, you may actually find yourself in competition with a man who wants to love you. Instead of ‘being something,’ something that you may think is worth loving, whether it is smart, beautiful, good, capable, hardworking, right, a certain type of person, or whatever, be who you naturally are. That way you can attract the man that’s right for you. So just take care of yourself and don’t try to prove yourself. Just have faith that the right man for you will come into your life when the time is right. To speed up that time take care of yourself, do the things that make you happy, and be open to love when it comes.

I ran it on another friend that’s always had tons of men in her life – she’s very friendly and outgoing, and seems to easily meet men everywhere without even trying, despite being happily married for years. And, yup, it was all in her report:


the planet of happiness, creativity and wisdom, is influencing your personality to a full measure – this is ideal! This is the perfect position for Jupiter. Your optimistic, creative and insightful nature will make you a valuable treasure to the man in your life. Not only will these things help you help your man to have a better life, more importantly, they will help you find greater happiness in your relationship.

You will appear very personable and approachable to most men. Men will easily feel comfortable around you and come to like you quickly. It will be easy to find areas of mutual interest with any healthy man that you meet. If things with a man feel awkward at first, then he is probably suffering from some insecurity and may not be the best choice for you. With your personality, friendship should bloom quite quickly with any worthwhile man that you meet.

Sample Text from Men’s Reports…

The reports for men are just as revealing… I ran one on a long-time client’s ex-husband who would constantly do hurtful things to her like break promises, call her cruel names, and explode in anger. When she’d try to tell him how his actions made her feel he’d only become upset and would rarely comfort her, insisting he’d done nothing wrong.

Check it out:

The Waning Moon

right next to his Sun makes it hard for this man to access the feminine side of himself which is the side that he needs to access in order to be sensitive to you, your needs, and what you are going through. If you want a man who will instinctively know how you are feeling without your having to spell it out for him, then this man is probably not for you. If you want this man to know how you are feeling about something, you will have to come out and say it. If he does something that inadvertently hurts you or makes you feel uncomfortable, then he probably will not realize it until you tell him – he just won’t pick up on it the way he should. Even then he may not get the point. He will just think that since no harm was meant, how can you be hurt? That will not make any sense to him, whereas a man without this Sun/Moon position would realize that all that matters is your feelings, not what his intentions were. With this man you need to watch for his ability to listen to your feelings when you communicate them to him. He has only developed the sensitivity that he needs in order to have a good relationship if he really listens to your feelings.

Once she was free of Mr. Insensitive, she fell for a sweet guy who turned out to be Mr. TOO Sensitive. He was having a lot of career drama but she thought he was just in a slump… but two years later he was still Mr. No Ambition/Broke Guy, and pretty much always in a bad mood. Ugh. Here’s what his report says:


This man has the South Node of the Moon, called Ketu in Vedic Astrology, right next to his Sun and this is a very tough position for a man to have in his horoscope. It will be hard for him to know what he wants to do and hard for him to find satisfaction in what he does. This is critical in a relationship because until a man is secure in his career or mission, it is hard for him to know how to fit a woman into his life. Furthermore, Ketu can make him act less than masculine. And doubting himself, he will often be most productive when led rather than when leading. This can be both painful and frustrating for you. It can be painful for you because being well aware of all his talents, it will be sad for you to not see him find something to do that makes him really happy. It can be frustrating because sometimes you need a man to lead, and with this combination in his chart, often you will be the one taking the lead, more than you want to. Additionally, there will be periods when he is really down on himself or really critical towards himself during which nothing you say or do will cheer him up. The one good point about this combination is that it will probably make this man a sweetheart and adorable and not someone to be self-centered, pushy or overtly egocentric – it helps make him a nice guy. A nice guy is great most of the time, but during those times that you need a bigger ‘doer,’ this combination can leave you feeling frustrated.

One of my dearest friends spent the last year in love with man with a big world-domination kind of career. He was extremely powerful, but extremely busy. When she let him know that she needed more of his time and attention, he was gone so fast her head spun. Here’s an excerpt about his Capacity (or lack thereof…):


This man will have a lot of desirable qualities such as ambition, strength of character, a strong will, and a logical nature, so it is really easy for a woman to fall in love with him. The downside is that he needs his independence more than he needs a woman. He is likely happy single, does his best on spur of the moment adventures and can find the committed relationship lifestyle to be a bit boring. Not to mention he does not want to be held back by anyone or anything, including the love of his life. So regardless of how much this man may love you, he will still need a lot of space. He will be really strong in doing what he needs for himself and will never sacrifice that for a relationship. If you are the type of woman who can give him a lot of freedom, and if you believe in the things he’s trying to accomplish, then you can have a good relationship with him. But if you need someone available all the time, if his ambitions are constantly changing, or if his work takes him endlessly on the road, you’ll have a lot of frustration in this relationship.

There are many great things these reports say about men, too, of course.

Another long-time client has been blissfully happy with her serious boyfriend for years. As soon as they got together, he made every effort to make her happy and knock himself out to please her, even moving to another state to be near her. Here’s one way the stars are blessing his chart for love:

The Sun,

steady and committed, is placed in the action center of this man’s horoscope, which is a great place for his Sun as it will make him be the kind of man that takes care of things. He does what he has to and makes the sacrifices that he needs to in order to fulfill his responsibilities. Once he has his eyes set on you, you can be sure that he will come through on any promises or commitments he makes. Once he decides that he wants you, there is only one way you can mess things up with this man and that is to come between him and his other responsibilities. If he has to make a choice between his worldly responsibilities and you, he may just have to sacrifice you. The trick is to give him the time to work out how to fit you and his worldly responsibilities into one package – the package that is his life. Once he has done that, once he has fit you into his life, your place there will be secure and happy.

See why I love Vedic astrology so much? Those ancient astrologers seem to have discovered the very keys to the universe… every report is this right on.

Here's How It Works...

Decide which report (or both) you’d like. Do you want to know about his Relationship Capacity or yours, or both? You’ll need the birth information for you or the man (or men!) in your life (see below for what that means and how to get it)…

When you click on the order button below, you’ll go to my secure order page for your payment information. Your order information is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security.

You’ll have 30 full days to try it out before you have to decide if it’s for you… If for any reason, you decide it’s not for you, simply let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. And because I want as many women as possible to benefit from the insights contained in these reports, I’ve priced them at just $19.97 per report.

Going to an astrologer for a private reading for this kind of information normally costs at least 5 times as much!

This report is completely customized to YOU or the man (or men) you’re wondering about, and requires your and/or his specific birth information – the date, time and place.*

Don’t Decide Now…

Read The “Chart Your Heart” and “Chart His Heart” Reports For 30 Days

This is a special opportunity. You’re going to be able to use the information and advice in the report to know exactly what to do to be your most lovable self… AND whether or not the man in your life can be who you need him to be.

Is he as good as he seems? Are there parts of his personality you need to prepare yourself for? Is there a reason he’s difficult that you can DO something about?

Is there something going on with you that perhaps you’re blind to, but all men see? Find out…

Most of all, don’t be like so many women I’ve worked with – don’t think a man doesn’t love you or isn’t good to you because of something wrong with you, when it’s his own weakness or limitation that’s to blame!

When you click on the button below you’ll be taken to a secure order page where you can download your report or reports right now (just use a valid credit card, check card, or PayPal for your order… First you’ll go through the payment process, then you’ll be sent an order form via email to fill out with your – or a man’s – personal astrological information so the report(s) can be generated.)

Read the report from cover to cover and you’ll find insights you can use RIGHT AWAY to improve your love life. I promise.

Take 30 days to read the report and start applying what it tells you.

If, after you’ve read the report you decide it’s not for you… or you didn’t find any useful information in it for your situation, simply reply to the email confirmation you’ll receive when you download your report, write “cancel Chart My Heart report” or “cancel Chart His Heart report” in your message, and we’ll refund you all of your money. And you can KEEP the report(s). (Because they’re digital, and you can’t actually “return” anything.)

If you’d like to keep your reports and do find them valuable, you don’t need to do anything further. Your credit card, check card, or PayPal account will automatically be billed.

I truly want to help you make your life and your LOVE life the best it can possibly be. I work with women every day who are so relieved to understand themselves and the men they love more fully, so they can make the best of their relationships. I want to help you, too.

Credit And Debit Cards And PayPal Accepted


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For $39.94

*How To Order Birth Records to Discover Your Or A Man’s Birth Time…

In order to get accurate, advanced astrological information such as what’s contained in the “Chart Your Heart” and “Chart His Heart” reports a birth time is required… and that can be tricky to obtain. If you do not know your birth time, because you don’t have a birth certificate, birth report or baby book with the time noted and you were born in the U.S., Canada, or most Western countries, your birth time is recorded in the county or region of your birth either with the Office of Vital Statistics, the County Clerk, the County Recorder, or the Health Department. (If you were born in another part of the world, you’ll have to ask around – some Middle Eastern countries also record the birth time, as do some Asian and African countries, though many do not – in which case you’ll have to ask your parents or relatives.) Call one of these and specifically request your birth time – do not merely request a copy of your birth documents or they’ll send an abbreviated version without the time. We would offer this as a service for you but this is private information only you can obtain.

As for how to ask a man his birth time I have a simple trick that works quite well if he knows it… enabling you to ask him without him thinking you’re doing something as weird as consulting astrology! Say to him, “I’ve heard if you’re born in the morning you’ll be a morning person, but if you’re born at night you’ll be a night person. Does that work for you?” If he knows his birth time, he’ll likely come right out and say it. If not, he may have to order his birth information as well – see above for how he can do that. (This is a mere wives’ tale and has nothing whatsoever to do with being able to “tell” his birth time – it’s just a trick to get him to tell it to you, so please don’t try to guess his birth time from this suggestion.)



I’ve been wanting to provide the “Chart Your Heart” and “Chart His Heart” for years now, and am so excited to finally help you know if a man is worth your time or not, and what you need to do to be the best woman you can be…

I just love these reports, and the clients and friends I’ve shared them with do, too. See for yourself what they’ve said:

“You can work on yourself until the end of time, and it won’t matter – if you’re with a man that has no capacity to love… I feel FREE! I couldn’t understand why my relationships weren’t working – I became the best version of myself I could be. I worked out, I got plastic surgery, I went to every relationship workshop known to man, I’m a size 4… I truly became the best version of myself possible. But it didn’t matter, and what I learned from these reports is that I was partnering with men who can’t love me, because they can’t love! (And my report said I have a HIGH capacity to love, and I know so!) Because I know I have such a high capacity to love, I’ve always believed I could over-ride a man’s low capacity… I thought the power of my love could heal a man enough to love me the way I needed. I’ve pulled in men I’ve had profound compatibility with, and incredible chemistry – but it still hasn’t worked… I finally know why. I can forgive myself now. I feel like this just saved my love life.”

Jane W., Nurse

Midland, MI.

“I ran the reports on all the most important men in my life – it nailed them all. Despite being with my ex-husband for almost two decades, I never felt like he had the capacity to be there for me as much as I was for him. No matter how hard I tried or how much help we received, his ability to be a loving partner never lasted for very long. For years I thought that I could do more, be better, and love him enough for the both of us, until he cruelly left me for someone younger and prettier. If I’d had this report twenty years sooner, I wouldn’t have wasted all that time not understanding what was really going on. His report actually told me that having a relationship with him would lead to ‘extra work, less fulfillment, more frustration, and more disappointment.’ So true.”

Linda S., Writer

Valencia, CA

“This is wonderful. Thank you. I love, love, love it! So true! Sheesh. I cracked up out loud about mine. The whole thing about being so busy with the mars/moon and being unavailable is so true with me. Yikes! Luckily my boyfriend makes it easy to spend time with him, as his report indicates, so all appears to be working. Love this. Thanks so much! Yay! What fun!!!”

Shannon T., Painter

Santa Fe, N.M.

“WOWOWOWOWOW!! Thank you Carol. It was a little bit nerve-wracking to read and I agree with everything. Of course I want to be high in every good category (duh!). :) Yet, what it says gives me hope. I have to have patience, wait and wait some more for the right guy and allow. Thank you for this. Yahoo!”

Susan G., Speaker

Two Harbors, MI.

“I want to say that I loved Chart Your Heart Report! On the one hand, it helped me to see the major relationship issue I have ( Moon-Ketu conjunction thing, it describes my behavior in difficult times so right!). On the other hand, the report raised my self-esteem as it said I had ideal Venus and Jupiter placement in my chart which makes me a dream of any man!:) And now, to stay motivated and inspired, I often reread my report. :) Thank you, Carol!!!”



I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to get to know yourself and the man in your life in a deeper, more specific way… by understanding just how much – and in what ways – you both are likely affecting each other.

And I’ll say it again: please don’t think a man doesn’t love you or isn’t good to you because of something wrong with you when it’s his own weakness or limitation that’s to blame!

If you’ve knocked yourself out to be “perfect” and have done everything you can think of to make your relationships work but they haven’t, maybe these reports will provide an insight you’ve never known before that’s the key to it all.

And if you have a pattern of always being with a certain kind of man (the kind that doesn’t stick around for long, or bails as soon as the going gets rough) maybe these reports will help you see why at last.

Maybe you can stop blaming yourself, and instead have the tools at your disposal to hold out for a guy who can be what you need.

You owe it to yourself to find out!

I can’t wait to hear what you think…

And as ever – may God and His planets and stars shower you with (Capable) love!

Carol Allen

About Carol Allen: Vedic Astrologer and Relationship Coach

As a Vedic astrologer and relationship coach who’s been happily married since 1997, Carol Allen has made it her mission to show women how the stars combined with their own right actions can help them make the most of their love lives. Her methods are a unique marriage of East and West, combining her training in the astrology of India with cutting-edge, real-world relationship research.

Carol’s been featured on E!, Bridezillas, EXTRA, and in Chicken Soup For The Soul and Woman's World. Dr. Drew called Carol’s advice “Profound” on his TV show, “LifeChangers” and Daily Candy said Carol is “Cooler than Karma.”​

She is the author of Love Is In The Stars - The Wise Woman's Guide To Men.

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