How To Use Little-Known, But Incredibly Powerful Astrological Truths To Understand Everything You Need To Know About A Man INSTANTLY… So Lasting Love Will Be Effortless

Inside this letter are the secrets to understanding everything you’ve ever wanted to know about all your relationships, and who you are compatible with, using the powerful secrets of the TRUE love zodiac

Dear Friend,

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to completely understand a man, and know if he’s fundamentally compatible with you… and to have this powerful knowledge in minutes?

If you could understand what motivates him, what fulfills him, how he’ll act in a crisis, if he’s romantic or practical, stubborn or unpredictable…

And you could know it all without investing tons of time and energy into the relationship?

Even if you're already in a relationship, and you're wondering why things aren't progressing, or why you aren't feeling connected like you used to, or are worried that this wonderful man you've met will disappoint you, just like all of the others have...
Wouldn't it be nice to understand why, and learn how to connect with him in a way that will link you together forever so that it's shockingly easy to create the lasting love and relationship that you want and deserve?

It sounds almost too good to be true. But, amazingly, there is a way!

But before I tell you how, there's something you need to understand about relationships and every man in both past and present.

Every Relationship Is Really Two Relationships… The One You’re Having, And The One He’s Having

Even if you did everything right in your relationship to make YOU happy, that doesn’t mean that the man you’re with is going to be happy and want to keep your love alive, too.

Every relationship is actually TWO relationships - the one you're having, and the one's he's having. And the one he's having may be very different from the one you're having.

But you can only see it through the filter of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values, and experiences.

And the same goes for him.

Your version of THE TRUTH about the relationship may actually not be true for him at all – it may be based on your assumptions, which you’ve made as a result of that darn filter of yours.

This is a big problem for couples all over the world and shows up in all kinds of ways…

He may do something he thinks is romantic, but you think is tacky. You may do something you’re just sure is supportive, but to him it’s intrusive. When you have a problem, he may think the loving thing to do is pull back and give you space, leaving you feeling abandoned. And on and on…

Are you following?

No matter how much you may have in common, or how much you love each other, I promise you your “filters” are very different.

And if you don’t understand each other’s filter, both of you won’t feel taken care of and supported.

But the good news is you CAN understand his filter – even though it’s completely different than your own.

In fact, you can understand your filter, and anyone else’s, in a way that would help you to STOP having such painful misunderstandings ever again.

Think of how much more closeness and connection this would allow you to enjoy with a man – heck, with ANYONE in your life.

No longer would you misunderstand the behavior or actions of others.

No longer would you use the WRONG approach with them, pushing them away.

No longer would you waste precious time and energy WAITING for a man to become like you.

No longer would you think he was doing something or being a certain way because of how he felt about you.

Now you’d be able to see that, although he didn’t do something YOUR way, he did it the only way he could – his way.

It’s just HIM being HIM.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

So, how could you figure this out?

Most of us spend years getting to know the people in our lives – the old “trial and error” method.

Amazingly, though, I work with tons of women who’ve been married more than ten, fifteen, even twenty years – who are still in a great deal of pain, struggling to understand who they are married to and why he is the way that he is…

So, unfortunately, “trial and error” and spending over a decade or two doesn’t always work.

Here’s the thing – if you knew who a man really was and how he’d respond to things early on, what worked best in a relationship with him, and if he was right for you in the first place, you’d never go through the pain and disappointment (and perhaps wasted months or years) of thinking he was someone he was not… or that your relationship was stronger than it was.

If you’d like to be able to have this ability – to know if you and a man were compatible, and to be able to quickly understand him, deeply and completely, but without having to endlessly observe him, stalk him with hidden surveillance equipment, or interview everyone he’s ever dated before – then consider this:

Everything You Want To Know About Someone – Even Their Secret, Unconscious Desires – Is All Written In The Stars

One of the biggest reasons people turn to astrology is for a deep understanding of themselves and others.

You see, we all come in with a basic, core personality – a “wiring” that makes us who we are, and reveals how we live our lives, and respond in relationships.

I like to say we’re “preloaded” at the factory. This “wiring” can be seen in a person’s astrology chart. After a reading, clients often tell me they feel like they’ve had ten years of therapy in just one ninety-minute session. It’s that illuminating… But it’s much more complicated than what you may have heard about astrology.

It goes way beyond what sign of the zodiac a person is born under.

In fact, astrology is far more vast and complicated than just the twelve signs – I’m sure you’ve noticed there are more than twelve kinds of people in the world.

A person’s chart is full of hundreds of combinations of planetary rulerships, houses, planets, signs, constellations, sub-charts, planetary periods, planetary sub-periods, transits, and more astrological jargon that probably doesn’t mean anything to you…

It’s the combination of these many ingredients that make each person the complicated, layered, nuanced individual they are.

Amazingly, while your Sun sign is an important piece of the puzzle that reveals your behavior, when it comes to your psychology, emotional makeup, how you are in relationships, and who you’re romantically compatible with – there’s something much more important…

Of all the many astrological indicators in a chart, there’s just one that’s the critical key to it all:

And that’s your Moon sign. And not just what sign the Moon was in when you were born, but something far more specific and detailed than most people – even professional astrologers – have heard of before…

The Original 27 Signs Of The Lunar Zodiac Reveal Your “Astrological Fingerprint” – And His

The most important thing in astrology as it relates to relationships isn’t the twelve signs. It’s these twenty-seven sub-signs, which is why I refer to them as “the TRUE love zodiac.”

And that Virgo guy (or Cancer, or Aries, or fill-in-the-blank) you think you should avoid, might just be the BEST of the twenty-seven signs for you.

And he might just be the WORST.

But you don’t know which he is, so you’re missing the key to it all.

That’s because there are many unique, must-know things in your Moon constellation (and HIS) that are incredibly valuable in understanding your success, or lack of success, in relationships. Including:

  • If your emotional process is fast or slow. (And just think, knowing this about a man can help you understand if he comes after you quickly, or takes his time. If he’s taking a while to commit, that may not be a bad sign…)
  • If you’re romantic or practical. (And which he is, so you don’t get hurt when you’re dreaming of diamond earrings and he brings you a blender.)
  • If you’re a leader or follower. (And how he operates, ‘cause you may have to pursue him first to get your romance going.).
  • If you’re stubborn or flexible. (If he’s stubborn, you know you have to keep your plans firmly in place, and pick your battles, or he’ll be hard to deal with…)
  • If you’re easygoing or harsh. (If it’s his nature to be harsh, and he’s ever blunt or overly intense, you’ll know it’s not personal – it’s just him.)
  • If you leap to action in a crisis, or retreat. (And if he’s likely to pull back when you have a conflict, or fight for you. If it’s his nature to retreat, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you – he just needs to “lick his wounds” before he can come back to “save the day.” Don’t ever tell a man like this not to come back unless you mean it – ‘cause he won’t…)
  • If you’re loyal or fickle. (And if he’s likely to stay or stray…)
  • If you’re a late-bloomer in love. (And if he is as well – it’s better to meet and marry these guys when they’re over thirty…)
  • If you’re positive or negative. (Knowing which a man is can help you know how he reacts to things, so you can communicate with him better.)
  • If you’re a thinker or a feeler. (Knowing this about a man helps you know how to “speak his language” and reach him more effectively.)
  • and More...
And the most powerful compatibility techniques in all of astrology rely on these constellations, which have been emphasized for arranging marriages in India for centuries – perhaps millennia.

As you can tell by now, these twenty-seven constellations allow you to understand the many layers of your personality, reactions, motivations, drives, desires, and what moves you in relationships, as well as who you’re most likely to get along with easily, and who you’re not…

Your Moon constellation is so important, that I like to think of it as your “password” or “fingerprint” that’s the key to discovering who you are (and anyone else you know), separate from other people.

Knowing what they reveal helps you understand why one man you date may be so different from another, and HOW. And why you’re unique even among the friends and family whom you’ve known and been close to your whole life.

When a woman learns this kind of knowledge about a man, she’s able to stop judging him, stop misunderstanding him, and stop being hurt by him just being who he is…

And the man in her life can instantly feel the difference in her. And suddenly, because she’s more accepting of him, he’s more accepting of her in return, and soon he feels safer to open up to her in a way he didn’t feel comfortable to before…

And their connection grows and grows…

Finally – Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Signs, All Your Relationships, And Who You’re Compatible With… In One Complete, Easy To Understand, Incredibly Accurate Guide

Whew – You’re probably getting the picture about how vast, complex, and POWERFUL this information can be for you and your relationship.

And why I told you that you can literally understand everything about a person by knowing what’s in their stars.

But the question is – how do you know what’s in their stars, and how do you know what the stars are saying?

The truth is, most people don’t know…

You see, in my experience, the only people who know about these incredible constellations and how they relate to relationships are professional astrologers – and only advanced Vedic astrologers, at that!

In fact, I was a professional Vedic astrologer for many years before I was fully able to appreciate and apply the powerful insights they provide in my work with people.

Once I started including them in my sessions with clients, my readings really got interesting

Suddenly I could help people in far greater detail in a more profound way than ever before. It was like going from being an astrologer at the junior high level, to having three Ph.D.’s.

I fell so in love with them that I wanted to spread the word…

Since there’s so little information available about them (make that pretty much nothing!) for the non-astrologer, I decided to create an audio program dedicated to revealing everything about them as they relate to relating…

“Signs Of Compatibility – A Celestial Guide To You And Everyone You Know Using The TRUE Love Zodiac” is that program.

I share a bit of the history of astrology, and the cultural and spiritual backstory on the constellations and signs of the zodiac.

I tell you the difference between your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising sign (also called your Ascendant), and how they all play a part in your relationships, and who you are compatible with.

And then, because they’re very important – I share my favorite, little-known details about each of the twelve signs of the zodiac and how they impact relationships.

And then we get to the good stuff – the multi-layered truths about each of the original 27 lunar constellations.

Best of all, I’ll give you an easy to use tool that will let you calculate the chart of anyone you know…

And then I’ll reveal a TON of information about how to do your own compatibility readings with any man in your life, or any man you meet, that’s so easy, you can figure it out in mere minutes.

So, no longer will you have to wonder if you could be happy with him…

No longer will his inner life be a mystery to you…

No longer will his behavior or reactions to you be so confusing, or such a painful surprise…

With “Signs Of Compatibility” you can easily understand yourself and everyone you know in a way you never could before.

You can almost instantly get how to best approach a man, how to talk to him so he’ll appreciate what you mean, how to handle things when they get “off track” with him in order to get them good again in a way he’ll love…

I want you to STOP taking a man’s behavior personally, STOP wishing he’d be different than who is he, STOP thinking if he just loved you he’d change, and STOP working so hard to win the love and support of a man who can’t give it to you…

I want you to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing WHAT IS SO, WHAT TO DO, HOW TO BE, and IF THINGS CAN WORK, so that you can save yourself the endless time, hassle, and heartache so many of us (yes, me included!) have been through in love.

It’s taken me years of study, endless reading, and thousands of sessions with clients to amass the material I’ve put into my audio program. And you can have this vast, ancient, empowering information all at your fingertips, in a simple, clear-cut format anyone can understand, in eight CDs and a workbook you can refer back to again and again.

I am so excited to “pull back the curtain” on this amazing information. Now you can easily, quickly know so much about yourself and everyone in your life.

I can honestly say I’ve never found all of this detail and insight into how to apply this material about the constellations and how they impact relationships all in one place.

Credit And Debit Cards And PayPal Accepted

Here Are Just A Few Of The Powerful Insights “Signs Of Compatibility” Reveal…

  • A tool to calculate your chart to learn the positions of your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising sign according to VEDIC ASTROLOGY, and that of anyone else in your life – any time.
  • If your emotional nature is more masculine or feminine, and what that means in relationships. (It means a LOT of MAJOR things about how you are with men… and who you attract.)
  • If you’re an “angel” or a “demon” and who you’re most compatible with… (Don’t worry – this doesn’t make you good or bad, but it’s HUGELY important in terms of who you get along with!)
  • Why Brad and Angie have “happiness and abundance…” Could you and YOUR guy?
  • If a man is likely to get bored in relationships, or be able to commit.
  • What planet “rules” your emotions – and his, and what that says about you both.
  • If you’re likely to be a “late bloomer” in love – happier marrying after thirty-five…
  • If he’s a born romantic – or not.
  • If he lives in his head, his feelings, or his actions – and what it means in terms of YOU, and vice versa.
  • Who’s on top – if he’s the alpha and you’re the beta or if you’re the alpha, and he’s the beta – or if you’re BOTH alphas or BOTH betas – and what to do about it all..
  • If he needs to process information before taking action – or if he “shoots first” and thinks about it later.
  • If he has “mommy” issues…
  • Which constellations, and thus which men, have a harder time being monogamous.
  • Which constellations are more blessed for marriage – and money!
  • The differences between your Sun sign, Moon sign, and rising sign, and what they each tell you.
  • The amazing fact that Jackie O. had “widowhood” in her constellation with that of JFK…
  • If he’s possibly jealous and possessive…
  • The constellations that I’ve just about NEVER seen “go the distance” together – learn this so you don’t waste your time on Mr. Wrong.
  • Which men will need YOU to do the pursuing – or things may never start.
  • Which men will WANT to pursue you – only feeling good with you if they’ve had to WIN or EARN your love.
  • The constellations of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, vs. Tom and Katie…
  • Is he too conservative for you – or are you too conservative for him? Find out…
  • The constellations that have “MISFORTUNE” together, and are always hitting “love landmines” – know this ahead of time so you can AVOID these men, or understand why you and your guy are so UP and DOWN all the time.
  • The TEMPERAMENT of you and a man – do you BALANCE each other, or IMBALANCE each other, causing you extreme anxiety and distress?
  • Which constellations, and thus which men, are the easiest to GET ALONG with? And which are you?
  • Which constellations, and thus which men, are the MOST DIFFICULT to get along with? And which are you?
  • Is it your nature to ROCK THE BOAT and break the rules? If so, you may unknowingly put off a lot of men, and can only be with a man like you – I’ll tell you how to know which men can handle you and celebrate what a “wild child” you are, or who would only try to hold you back and squelch your true self.
  • Hollywood fairytale couple Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward have the same temperaments, which makes two people feel like they can absolutely be themselves and GET EACH OTHER – do you and your guy?
  • The “animal symbol” that indicates your instinctive nature, and what yours means about your sex life… and his!
  • Which of the constellations are magnetically attracted to each other – this can explain why you (or he) may be “smitten” beyond reason.
  • My favorite truths about the twelve signs of the zodiac, and the behavior and actions of each when in love (because the twenty-seven constellations are found within, and thus influenced by, the twelve signs…).
  • And so much more…
Plus, I include a two-hour interview with one of the most highly respected Vedic astrologers in the world (and one of my mentors) – William Levacy, author of “Beneath A Vedic Sky,” “Beneath A Vedic Sun,” and “Vedic Astrology Simply Put.” He has been a Transcendental Meditation teacher, and a Vedic astrologer of more than two decades, and is on the steering committee of the American College of Vedic Astrology.

In this fascinating conversation we discuss:
  1. The differences between “fate” and “destiny” and what you can do to shape yours.
  2. The role of free will in relationships.
  3. The missing piece of “the Law of Attraction,” i.e., the secret to “The Secret.”
  4. How to ramp up your energy to increase what you want.
  5. The power of enthusiasm and why it’s so important in terms of manifestation of desire.
  6. What it means to be “desiring and deserving” and how to be both.
  7. Patanjali, the father of yoga’s principle of “intention, attention, and no tension,” and how practicing this can get you the life – and love life – you want.
  8. The role of karma, and how to improve yours.
  9. Some of his favorite success stories in helping clients find and marry great mates.
  10. And more…

Can “Signs Of Compatibility” Help You With Your Relationship?

If you’re someone who gets along with everyone you meet, have never had a relationship go wrong for reasons you don’t understand, and know everything about yourself and the people in your life, this program isn’t for you.

But if you want a real understanding of the people you care about, and want smoother, happier, more rewarding relationships, and want to know which relationships to focus on in the first place, and would like to take the “blame and shame” out of the troubles you may have gone through in the past, and want to create more creative, productive, and fulfilling connections with everyone you love in the present and future – especially that special man in your life – then this is for you…

Here's What You're Going To Get...

  • Over 11 full hours of digitally recorded audio material
  • An accompanying workbook explaining all the aspects and elements of each of the signs and constellations, and taking you step-by-step through several powerful compatibility techniques you can do yourself
  • A detailed track listing for quick access to the specific material that relates to you and your relationships
  • Access to my Chart Creator, where you’ll be able to calculate your own Vedic Astrology Chart as well as the chart of anyone in your life (as many as you’d like)
Because I want as many women as possible to benefit from this program, I’ve decided to price this program at only 3 easy payments of $49.99 (For a slight extra fee of $4.99 you can also order the CD version if you prefer to have a hard copy of the program.) Both versions come with my better-than-money-back “I’ll take all the risk” Guarantee…

Listen to "Signs of Compatibility" RISK FREE For 30 Days

I promise you, this is some of the most in-depth, important astrological information you’ll ever find to help you with your relationships – with anyone.

You’re going to have almost instant “aha’s” and realizations about yourself and anyone you want to know about…

Suddenly you’ll understand what’s going on between you and the people you love in a way you’ve never known before.

This material may have that one “missing piece” you need to improve a relationship forever – or help you to let it go and forgive yourself… but I want you to feel comfortable about it.

That’s why I’m creating a way you can get it, risk free to you, where you don’t have to fully commit until you’ve had a chance to check it out and see for yourself what it can do for you and your relationships.

When you click below, you’ll be taken to a secure order page where you can order the audios and workbook, and be listening, reading, and learning from them in just a few moments. Just use a valid credit card, check card, or PayPal for your order…

Run your chart and that of someone in your life (or many someones), read the workbook from cover to cover, and listen to the information and you’ll find details you can use RIGHT AWAY to improve your dating or personal life. I promise.

Take 30 days to dig into the material and start applying what you learn.

If, after you’ve done that you decide that it’s not for you… or you didn’t find any useful information in it for your situation, simply let me know and we’ll fully refund your credit card.

If you’d like to keep it, you don’t need to do anything further. Your credit card or PayPal account will automatically be billed when you make your order.

I truly want to help you have more peace of mind in your relationships. I know that this powerful, comprehensive, ancient knowledge can do just that… I’ve seen it day in and day out, with client after client for over a decade now. And it’s so rewarding to help women in this way. I want the same for you.

Just click below to order “Signs Of Compatibility”

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The whole process takes just a few minutes. Once you place your order, you’ll be instantly emailed an invoice as well as a link and password to allow you to access all of your materials. If you prefer hard products of the program you can indicate that on the order form once you click on one of the order buttons above, and the 8 CD set and workbook will be shipped in the mail to you for a small extra fee of $4.99 (postage included if you live in the U.S.) and you’ll be listening to them in just a few days. (A small additional shipping and handling charge will apply to non-U.S. orders).

Once you receive the materials, you’ll be given the address of a website where you can calculate and print out your Vedic astrology chart, and that of anyone in your life you want to get to know in this new, celestially exciting way.

This will allow you to discover not only what Sun sign, Moon sign, and rising sign you and they all are, but the most critical piece of it all – what your and their Moon constellations are as well.

Next, learn the most important aspects of the twelve signs and the twenty-seven constellations, and start to notice all the ways you can relate to yours, and your friends and loved ones correspond to theirs.

Follow along in the workbook, and look up how you and anyone in your life fit together emotionally.

Have this material at your fingertips to refer to any time, again and again…

Because once you’ve worked with this material, you can be your own astrologer.

That’s right – any time you meet or connect with someone new, simply take a moment to run their chart and pull out your workbook and audio files or CDs and skip to the information that relates to them, telling you all about their personality in minutes… and all about how you connect (or don’t) to them with the flip of a few pages…

It’s that simple.

What Real Women Have To Say About "Signs of Compatibility"

“Oh, if ONLY I had access to Carol’s gift of beneficence & wisdom in her “Signs of Compatibility” BEFORE I decided to get married. I could have been spared tremendous pain and suffering I endured by marrying the antithesis of the man I actually belong with.

It not only helped me to better understand my ex and our terrible compatibility that made me suffer so, it’s also helped me feel at peace about my family as well – accurately explaining the natures of my father and only sibling, a brother with his moon in a constellation known for cutting off their siblings (who, by the way, cut off our relationship years ago leaving me deeply hurt and thinking it was my fault until I heard Carol’s information!).

So – RUN, don’t walk to order Carol Allen’s amazing new program. It may even be my favorite of hers yet – and they are all fabulous!

It’s a tremendous breakthrough in the field of our relationships through Vedic eyes. Carol carefully and thoroughly explains the various nakshatras and their qualities and weaves them together seamlessly into an easy-to-follow pocket reference guide. Each one of her 8 discs is riveting and filled with wise, enchanting anecdotes that illuminate the dynamics of relationships and provide important insights that one will never find in therapy. The interview with William Levacy is a special bonus. I am so excited to be able to use this program as a primary tool in my field of coaching therapy!”
- W. W. Boston, MA
“Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting this program together. I was so hoping you’d do something along these lines, so I could learn more about Vedic astrology. It’s pretty heady stuff, but I’m enjoying it. =) Have a great day,”
- J. F. Ft., Wayne, IN
“Dear Carol, Thank you so much for Signs of Compatibility. I’m having a ball listening to it and working with my friends’ signs. William Levacy is totally delightful. Your interview with him is fascinating. I will enjoy this for a long time to come”
- M. H. Ft., Pasadena, CA
“When I first learned my boyfriend’s constellation and the compatibility between ours, I couldn’t believe how accurate the information was. The description fit him to a ‘T’ and perfectly described our relationship. I loved the in-depth details, and the reassurance that we were indeed highly compatible. Learning that he was a great relationship candidate (since his constellation is one of the most relationship oriented), helped me to trust and open up more quickly than I would have normally, enabling our relationship to get very deep very quickly. Had I not known all of this from Carol’s material, I can’t imagine being able to be so open and feel so safe, and I have no doubt that we wouldn’t be as happy as we are now.”
- L.S., Writer, Valencia, CA
“When I first learned my boyfriend’s constellation and the compatibility between ours, I couldn’t believe how accurate the information was. The description fit him to a ‘T’ and perfectly described our relationship. I loved the in-depth details, and the reassurance that we were indeed highly compatible. Learning that he was a great relationship candidate (since his constellation is one of the most relationship oriented), helped me to trust and open up more quickly than I would have normally, enabling our relationship to get very deep very quickly. Had I not known all of this from Carol’s material, I can’t imagine being able to be so open and feel so safe, and I have no doubt that we wouldn’t be as happy as we are now.”
- L.S., Writer, Valencia, CA
“Knowing I am of the temperament that I am has been so freeing, and such a relief. I’ve been able to understand so much more clearly why things haven’t worked out with so many of my past relationships. It’s also helped me to understand what kind of person I really need to be with. I’ve tried many times to go against what the compatibility steps have to say about who I require to be with, and it’s NEVER worked. Knowing this knowledge of who I am and how I operate has validated my process. Being able to learn the temperament and nature of the men that I meet has helped me to get clear much more quickly in relationships than ever before about whether they’re worth my time and energy”
- M. B., School Teacher, Portland, OR
“I just LOVE learning about these constellations – they work so well. It’s almost weird. It really gives me peace of mind to think that everyone is just being who they are built to be – and that they can’t be changed. I don’t have to find someone and change for them, or ‘hope’ they’ll change for me – I just have to be in relationships with people who already are ‘wired’ to be right for me. What a concept. Best of all, now I have a way to know if they are, and it’s sooo much fun.”
- T. S., College Student, Santa Clarita, CA
“Because of what Carol’s taught me about my Moon constellation, it’s helped me to have so much more understanding and acceptance of myself in my relationship. I no longer beat myself up for needing to emotionally process things in the ways that I do – I’m just responding exactly how I’m designed to – and it’s given me more confidence knowing this about myself.”
- L. T., Student, Mt View, CA
“I am so grateful to have found Vedic astrology and the truth about romantic compatibility as revealed by those amazing Moon constellations. I will never doubt it again. Every time I go against it, it bites me in the butt… I was so dependent on Carol with every man that I met, but now I can look it all up myself. And it’s so easy. It’s like having a professional astrologer in my purse with me at all times.”
- L. G., Professional Speaker, Pittsburg, PA
“Hi carol, I love your emails. I just bought your Signs of Compatibility for my friend whom I am visualizing finding the perfect man this year. She loves it! Take care,”
- Emily
“ I purchased this series years ago and truly love it. It helps to answer a lot of questions about all your relationships.”
- L. E. M., Fundraiser, Irvine, CA
“Purchased series and loved it… very enlightening re compatibility.”
-C. W. M., Business Owner, Minneapolis, Minn
For over a decade I’ve seen this information bring incredible understanding and peace of mind to women regarding their relationships.

It’s so much fun to help a woman understand herself and FORGIVE herself for being who she is.

And to then help her to do the same for the man in her life – to help her to truly see him for who he is, and forgive him for not being who she thought he should be, so that she can FINALLY love him just the way he is, or let him go so that she can enjoy a better relationship with someone else who is more her match…

Ah, it’s like taking the weight of the world off of her. There’s no better feeling in my line of work.

I, too, struggled before knowing this material. I now think about the constellations of my friends, family, and husband all the time…

It’s been such a relief to have such deep insight into the core of who they are. When I share this material with them, they love it and later quote it back to me time and again.

When I told my husband about my constellation, the one that makes me pushy but sensitive, inflexible but open minded, unconventional (make that weird!) but loving to honor tradition, he shook his head in wonder and said, “That’s so you…”

I dated him before I learned all of this, and it was so helpful to have this “map” to his heart…

Before I didn’t understand why he was so quiet, private, slow to open up, and independent. I felt hurt that he needed so much time alone, and was so individualistic, to the point of not caring about what anybody thought – even me.

But it was all in his stars, and knowing his Moon sign and constellation told me all I needed to know, and then some.

I remember being just blown away at how perfectly it all described him.

Once I understood who he was, and that this was just the way he was “wired,” instead of continuing to feel disconnected or sad because of these aspects of his nature, I was impressed.

Impressed by his confidence, the way he knew himself so well, and the fact that he was comfortable living a unique life, following his own rules.

He didn’t need or want a woman who would require him to alter anything intrinsic to his personality, and he wasn’t going to change for anyone – not even me.

(By the way, most healthy men won’t…)

So I stopped trying to rework his nature, and grew to accept him, and now wouldn’t want him to be anything other than exactly who he is.

And he worships me for that.

(It also helps that our stars are highly compatible, so I didn’t have to change myself to succeed with him – I just needed to know what was going on…)

I want to help you to have that kind of clarity and knowledge in your love life, too, so you can have that level of closeness and relief in your relationships.

“Signs Of Compatibility” can give you all of that.

In the meantime, may God and his planets and stars (and constellations) shower you with love!

Carol Allen

P.S. Knowing how to access the wisdom of astrology in this deep, specific, accurate way is like holding the keys to the Universe… Suddenly you’ll know who people are better than they know themselves, how they tick, and what they need FROM YOU. It’s amazing. But I’m warning you – it’s addictive. You’ll want to check out everyone you know, and everyone you meet, from now on…

And why not? It’s so easy and so much fun.

Remember… you can listen to the audios and read the workbook with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not fully satisfied with it all, I’ll give you a full refund. This is truly a risk-free offer.

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